On previous Day 8 June 2020, the Department of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued distinct colour band for the number plate sticker of BS VI vehicles all india. Different Colour bands for BS 6 vehicles

The order makes it compulsary for the BS VI vehicles to carry a green colour strip of 1 cm width on the top of the existing sticker. The sticker should carry details of registration of BS-VI vehicle and its fuel type. The petrol fuel based vehicles should hold orange colour and diesel fuel based vehicles carry a light blue colour.

BS VI Emission Norms
The volume of PM 2.5 in BS VI fuel ranges between 20 and 40 micro grams per cubic metres. on the contrary, it is 120 micrograms per cubic metres in BS IV fuel. The BS VI fuel is to bring down the Sulphur content by 5 times. The BS VI fuel vehicles will emit 80% less particulate matter for every kilo metre.

The lower Sulphur of BS VI will help reduce toxic emissions such as Cobalt, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2). The change in density of oil will help reduce air pollution to great extent for country Different Colour bands for BS 6 vehicles

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StandardReferenceDate of Implementation
Bharat Stage IIEuro 21 April 2005
Bharat Stage IIIEuro 31 April 2010
Bharat Stage IVEuro 41 April 2017
Bharat Stage VIEuro 6April 2020 with a mandate (proposed)
Different Colour bands for BS 6 vehicles