1 Acquiesce (verb)
To accept something without arguing even if you do not really agree with it. (चुपचाप स्वीकार कर लेना)
Synonyms: agree, accede, assent, yield, concede
Antonyms: oppose, resist, object, protest
Example: She explained her plan and reluctantly he acquiesced.

2 Mangled (adjective)
Meaning- Destroyed or severely damaged by tearing or crushing. (क्षत विक्षत)
Synonyms: mutilated, lacerated, maimed, torn, marred
Antonyms: beautified, preserved, mended, cured, healed
Example: His body was crushed and mangled beyond recognition.

3 Tumultuous (adjective)
Involving a lot of change and confusion and/or violence. (उपद्रवी)
Synonyms: stormy, tempestuous, turbulent, riotous
Antonyms: peaceful, calm, orderly, quiet
Example: All of those things, one after the other, these just tumultuous events.

4 Underlying (adjective)
Important in a situation but not always easily noticed or stated clearly. (मौलिक)
Synonyms: basic, fundamental, elemental, rudimentary, pivotal, key
Antonyms: secondary, advanced, minor, peripheral
Example: Unemployment may be an underlying epause of the rising crime rate.

5 Forte (noun)
A thing that somebody does particularly well. (प्रधान गुण)
Synonyms: speciality, strength, strong point, strong suit
Antonyms: weakness, failing, ineptness
Example: Languages were never my forte.

6 Dismay (noun)
concern and distress caused by something unexpected; The feeling of despair in the face of obstacles (बेचैनी)
Synonyms: Consternation, perturbation, trepidation, apprehension, panic
Antonyms: solace, gratification, repose
Example: She could not hide her dismay at the result.

7 Underbelly (noun)
The weakest part of something that is most easily attacked. (कमजोर बिंदु)
Synonyms: weakness, fatal flaw, Achilles heel
Antonyms: strength, potency, power
Example: The trade deficit remains the soft underbelly of the US economy.

8 Retribution (noun)
Severe punishment for something seriously wrong that somebody has done. (दण्ड)
Synonyms: punishment, penalty, nemesis, comeuppance
Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon, mercy, acquittal
Example: Victims are demanding retribution for the terrorist attacks.

9 Heart-rending (adjective)
Causing feelings of great sadness. (हृदयविदारक)
Synonyms: heart-breaking, distressing, agonizing, harrowing, tragic
Antonyms: uplifting, comforting, heartening, cheering
Example: His final years in hospital were tragicomic and heart-rending.

10 Jolt (verb)
to shock someone in order to change their behavior or way of thinking. (झटका देना)
Synonyms: shock, startle, stun, stagger
Antonyms: soothe, comfort, placate, solace
Example: The news about Sam’s illness jolted her into action.

Daily Vocabulary 9 March Daily Vocabulary 9 March