1 Disparaging (adj.)
Expressing the opinion that something is of little worth. (अपमानजनक)
Synonyms- Derogatory, Contemptuous, Pejorative, Deprecatory
Antonyms- Commendatory, Appreciative, Admiring
Example- He even worked in a few disparaging remarks about the Pakistani team.

2 Lean (adj.)
Offering little reward, substance, or nourishment. (थोड़ा)
Synonyms- Meagre, Scanty, Sparse, Deficient
Antonyms- Abundant, Bountiful
Example- In such lean times, we must search for crumbs of comfort.

3 Woo (verb)
Pursue, Seek the support of, Try to cultivate (समर्थन मांगना)
Antonyms- Ignore, Discourage
Example- Political parties have roped in Bollywood stars only to woo the young.

4 Modest (adj.)
(of an amount, rate, or level) relatively moderate, limited, or small. (मामूली)
Synonyms: Moderate, Acceptable, Fair, Unexceptional
Antonyms- Substantial, Significant, Huge
Example- Their boards give them stock options but in relatively modest amounts.

5 Confined (adj.)
(of a space) restricted in area or volume. (सिमित)
Synonyms: Cramped, Constricted, Limited
Antonyms- Free, Liberated
Example- Mother feature solves the problem of how to have a leisure area in a confined space.

6 Abridged (adj.)
(of a piece of writing) having been shortened. (संकुचित)
Synonyms: Shortened, Contracted, Reduced, Truncated
Antonyms- Expanded, Full- length
Example- An abridged version of this article can be found in the December edition of the magazine.

7 Hastily (adv.)
With excessive speed or urgency. (शीघ्रता पूर्वक)
Synonyms: Hurriedly, Briskly, Rapidly, Swiftly
Antonyms- Carefully, Slowly
Example- The strength of local feeling was such that they were hastily withdrawn.

8 Ingrained (adj.)
(of a habit, an attitude, etc.) that has existed for a long time and is therefore difficult to change. (अंतर्निहित)
Synonyms: Entrenched, Deep-rooted, Established, Firm
Antonyms- Unfixed, Temporary, Short-lived
Example- The belief that we should do our duty is deeply ingrained in most of us.

9 Glaring (adj.)
Highly obvious or conspicuous. (स्पष्ट)
Synonyms: Obtrusive, Outrageous, Striking, Unmistakable
Antonyms- Obscure, Unnoticeable
Example- A quick look at the Club’s website highlights a glaring omission.

10 Insidious (adj.)
Spreading gradually or without being noticed, but causing serious harm. (कपटी)
Synonyms: Subtle, Stealthy, Artful, Tricky
Antonyms- Harmless, Honest, Fair
Example- This trade recession will be just as insidious in its effects as any market blowout.

Daily Vocabulary 9 April Daily Vocabulary 9 April