1 Ferment (Noun)
A state of political or social excitement and confusion. (खलबली)
Synonyms: tumult, uproar, mayhem, furore
Antonyms: tranquillity, serenity, placidity, calmness, equability
Example: The whole country was in a state of ferment that year.

2 Striking (Adjective)
very unusual or easily noticed, and therefore attracting, a lot of attention. (ध्यान आकर्षित करनेवाली)
Synonyms: noticeable, conspicuous, prominent, distinct, salient
Antonyms: unremarkable, ordinary, unexceptional, unobtrusive
Example: She bears a striking resemblance to her mother.

3 Stoke (Verb)
To make people feel something more strongly. (उकसाना)
Synonyms: encourage, incite, stir, add fuel to
Antonyms: calm, soothe, quiet, tranquilize
Example: He continued to stoke up hatred in his speeches.

4 Resounding (adjective)
Very great . (जबर्दस्त)
Synonyms: emphatic, tremendous, terrific, colossal
Antonyms: tiny, small, insignificant
Example: The evening was a resounding success.

5 Instil (verb)
Gradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude) in a person’s mind. (मन में बिठा देना)
Synonyms: fix, inculcate, implant, imprint, imbue
Example: She had tried her best to instil morals into her daughters.

6 Inviolability (noun)
The fact of having to be respected and not attacked or destroyed. (पवित्रता)
Synonyms: holiness, sacredness, sacrosanctity, sanctity
Antonyms: impiety, irreverence
Example: Civil law is the basic law of a civil society, and its essential concept is the inviolability of civil rights.

7 Wariness (Noun)
A feeling that you have to be careful because there may be a danger or problem. (सावधानी)
Synonyms: caution, guardedness, caginess, watchfulness
Antonyms: recklessness, inconsideration, thoughtlessness, heedlessness
Example: Adopting the wariness principle can reduce enterprises’ management risk.

8 Withstand (verb)
To be strong enough not to be hurt or damaged by w extreme conditions, the use of force, etc. (प्रतिरोध करना)
Synonyms: resist, bear, tolerate, stand up to something
Antonyms: surrender, yield, succumb, capitulate, cave in
Example: As a politician, he is able to withstand public criticism.

9 Saleable (Adjective)
Good enough to be sold; that somebody will want to buy. (विक्रेय योग्य)
Synonyms: wanted, sought after, in demand, marketable
Antonyms: non-commercial, unvendible, merchantable, unmarketable
Example: The publicity made his work more saleable.

10 Might (Noun)
Great strength, energy or power. (सामर्थ्य)
Synonyms: strength, power, potency, puissance
Antonyms: weakness, incompetence, powerlessness, enervation
Example: Love will not yield to all the might of wealth.

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