1 Bruised (adj.)
(of a person’s feelings) hurt. (आहत)
Synonyms- Hurt, Damaged, Contused, Harmed
Antonyms- Unhurt, Unaffected
Example- They’re nursing some bruised pride following the first defeat of the tour.

2 Rein (noun)
The power to direct and control. (बाग-डोर)
Synonyms- Control, Govern, Curb, Command
Antonyms- Powerlessness, Weakness, Incapability
Example- A new chairperson will soon take over the reins.

3 Erosion (noun)
The gradual destruction or diminution of something. (अपरदन)
Synonyms- Abrasion, Wearing away, Weathering, Scraping away
Antonyms- Build up, Reconstruction
Example- Many see these security measures as an erosion of civil liberties.

4 Modest (adj.)
(of an amount, rate, or level) relatively moderate, limited, or small. (मामूली)
Synonyms: Moderate, Acceptable, Fair, Unexceptional
Antonyms- Substantial, Significant, Huge
Example- Their boards give them stock options but in relatively modest amounts.

5 Persist (verb)
Continue to exist. (बना रहना)
Synonyms: Continue, Hold on, Keep on, Endure
Antonyms- Cease, Discontinue
Example- Avoiding the food is the only way to avoid symptoms while the sensitivity persists.

6 Resort (verb)
Turn to and adopt (a course of action, especially an extreme or undesirable one) so as to resolve a difficult situation. (प्रयोग करना)
Synonyms: Have recourse to, Turn to, Employ
Antonyms- Misuse, Abstain
Example- Despite their differences, there is no reason the two sides should have to resort to force to resolve the matter.

7 Spectacular (adj.)
Very impressive. (शानदार)
Synonyms: Striking, Breath-Taking, Splendid, Sensational
Antonyms- Unimpressive, Mediocre, Ordinary
Example- The special effects were quite spectacular.

8 Curtail (verb)
Reduce in extent or quantity. (कम करना)
Synonyms: Reduce, Lessen, Diminish, Truncate, Shrink, Decrease
Antonyms- Extend, Lengthen, Increase, Expand, Raise
Example- Spending on books has been severely curtailed.

9 Garner (verb)
To obtain or collect something such as information, support, etc. (एकत्र करना)
Synonyms: Accumulate, Amass, Assemble, Gather
Antonyms- Disperse, Dissipates Scatter
Example- All the information that we garnered has been kept on file.

10 Stance (noun)
The attitude of a person or organization towards something; a standpoint. (रवैया)
Synonyms: Stand, Point of view, Opinion, Outlook
Example- In particular, his robust stance on discipline is very welcome.

Daily Vocabulary 8 February Daily Vocabulary 8 February