1 Apparatus (noun)
Meaning- The complex structure of a particular organization or system. (संरचना)
Synonyms- Structure, Framework, Set-up
Example- The union apparatus becomes an institutional structure within existing society.

2 Patronage (noun)
The support, especially financial, that is given to a person or an organization by a patron. (सहायता)
Synonyms- Financing, Backing, Help, Aid
Antonyms- Hinder, Discouragement
Example- Patronage of the arts comes from businesses and private individuals.

3 Resentment (noun)
Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly. (नाराज़गी)
Synonyms- Bitterness, Indignation, Hostility, Discontent
Antonyms- Pleasure, Contentment
Example- There is much poverty and anguish in the world, and it breeds resentment and envy.

4 Camouflage (verb)
Hide or disguise the presence of (a person, animal, or object) by means of camouflage. (छलावरण लगाना)
Synonyms: Disguise, Conceal, Mask, Veil
Antonyms- Reveal, Uncover
Example- This also defeats the purpose of camouflaging your technology.

5 Spook (verb)
Frighten; unnerve. (डरना)
Synonyms: Appal, Horrify, Shock
Antonyms- Soothe, Comfort
Example- Last year it ran into problems with regulators and the tax authorities, temporarily spooking investors.

6 Threshold (noun)
The level at which something starts to happen. (दहलीज़)
Synonyms: Starting point, Beginning, Brink
Antonyms- Ending, Close, Completion, Omega
Example- She was on the threshold of a dazzling career.

7 Leitmotif (noun)
A recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, associated with a particular person, idea, or situation. (आवर्ती विचार)
Synonyms: Subject matter, Theme, Concern
Example- As a result, his body and its ailments become the leitmotif of the novel.

8 Invoke (verb)
To mention or use a law, rule, etc. as a reason for doing something. (की सहायता लेना)
Synonyms: Cite, Adduce, Refer to, Instance
Antonyms- Misrepresent, Misquote, Distort, Misstate
Example- It is unlikely that libel laws will be invoked.

9 Pulverize (verb)
Defeat utterly. (तबाह करना)
Synonyms: Annihilate, Vanquish, Trounce, Crush
Antonyms- Build, Construct
Example- He had a winning car and pulverized the opposition.

10 Fraught (adj.)
Filled with something unpleasant. (भरपूर)
Synonyms: Full of, Filled with, Rife with, Charged With
Antonyms- Empty, Void
Example- The treasure hunt was fraught with puzzles that had to be solved in order to find the fortune.

Daily Vocabulary 8 April Daily Vocabulary 8 April