I Altercation (noun)
Meaning- A noisy argument or disagreement. (तकरार)
Synonyms: Argument, Dispute, Wrangle, Disagreement
Antonyms- Harmony, Agreement, Concord
Example- I had an altercation with the ticket collector.

2 Gruesome (adjective)
Meaning- Extremely unpleasant. (भीषण)
Synonyms: Unpleasant, Disgusting, Awful, Dreadful
Antonyms- Pleasant, Delightful, Attractive
Example- The spurious impact of channels on society is an issue of gruesome and far-reaching consequences.

3 Refurbish (verb)
Meaning- Renovate and redecorate. (नए जैसा)
Synonyms: Renovate, Renew, Mend, Restore
Antonyms- Ruin, Destroy, Damage
Example- The premises have been completely refurbished in our corporate style.

4 Invoke (verb)
Meaning- To mention or use a law, rule, etc. as a reason for doing something. (सहयता लेना)
Synonyms: Cite, Adduce, Refer to, Instance
Antonyms- Misrepresent, Misquote, Distort, Misstate
Example-It is unlikely that libel laws will be invoked.

5 Piecemeal (adjective)
Meaning- Done or happening gradually at different times and often in different ways, rather than carefully planned at the beginning. (बरबर और धीमा)
Synonyms: Gradual, Progressive, Moderate
Antonyms -Abrupt, Sudden
Example- The village is slowly being killed off by piecemeal development.

6 Watertight (adjective)
Meaning- (of an argument or account) unable to be disputed or questioned. (निर्विवाद)
Synonyms: Indisputable, Unquestionable, Undeniable
Antonyms- Questionable, Doubtful, Dubious
Example- His argument isn’t exactly the most watertight.

7 Diabolical (adjective)
Meaning- Extremely bad or annoying. (क्रूर)
Synonyms: Terrible, Very bad, Appalling, Disgraceful
Antonyms – Righteous, Virtuous, Moral
Example- The traffic was diabolical.

8 Condemn (verb)
Meaning- Express complete disapproval of. (निंदा करना)
Synonyms: Censure, Criticize, Denounce, Reprehend
Antonyms- Approve, Ratify, Affirm, Validate
Example- The plan was condemned by campaigners yesterday.

9 Ratification (noun)
Meaning- The action of signing or giving formal consent to a treaty, contract, or agreement, making it officially valid. (संपुष्टि)
Synonyms: Confirmation, Approval, Sanction, Affirmation
Antonyms — Disapproval, Refusal, Rejection
Example- The agreement is subject to ratification by the Senate.

10 Mantle (noun)
Meaning- A covering of a specified sort. (आवरण)
Synonyms: Covering, Layer, Cloak, Sheet, Veil, Mask
Antonyms- Strip, Expose, Bare
Example- The houses were covered with a thick mantle of snow.

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