1 Blunt (adjective)
(of a person or remark) very direct; saying exactly what you think without trying to be polite. (मुंहफट स्पष्टवादी)
Synonyms: frank, candid, forthright, outspoken
Antonyms: indirect, deceitful, tactful, diplomatic
Example: His request was met with a blunt refusal.

2 Rile (verb)
To annoy somebody or make them angry. (क्रुद्ध करना)
Synonyms: annoy, vex, exasperate, bug, nettle, gall
Antonyms: calm. appease, placate, mollify
Example: Nothing ever seemed to rile him.

3 Avalanche (noun)
(Figurative) the sudden arrival of too many things. (बौछार)
Synonyms: rush, flood, barrage, deluge, torrent, inundation, volley, torrent
Antonyms: trickle, dribble
Example: We received an avalanche of inquiries.

4 Fuzzy (adjective)
not expressed clearly. (अस्पष्ट)
Synonyms: vague, ambiguous, hazy, obscure
Antonyms: clear, explicit, categorical, obvious
Example: He had little patience for fuzzy ideas.

5 Heavy-handed (adjective)
Not showing a sympathetic understanding of the feelings of other people. (सख्त)
Synonyms: harsh, overbearing, oppressive, despotic, severe
Antonyms: gentle, tender, mild, delicate
Example: Police used heavy-handed tactics to disperse the protesters.

6 Shun (verb)
To avoid somebody/something. (किनारा करना)
Synonyms: avoid, eschew, steer clear of, freeze out
Antonyms: accept, welcome, embrace, court
Example: Wise men love truth, whereas fools shun it.

7 Obliviousness (adjective)
The fact of being not aware of something. (अन्यमनस्कता)
Synonyms: unawareness, ignorance, oblivion, nescience
Antonyms: familiarity, acquaintance, awareness
Example: Her obliviousness of what was happening in Germany seems extraordinary.

8 Slant (noun)
Meaning- A way of thinking about something, especially one that shows support for as opinion or side in a disagreement. (दृष्टिकोण)
Synonyms: viewpoint, take, standpoint, perspective, stance, outlook
Example: Each article has a slightly different slant on the situation.

9 Rally (verb)
To come together or bring people together in order to help or support somebody/something. (एकत्र करना)
Synonyms: assemble, congregate, marshal, mobilize
Antonyms: disperse, disband, dissolve
Example: They have rallied a great deal of support for their campaign.

10 Slew (noun)
a large amount or number. (अनेकता)
Synonyms: plenty, passel, heap, abundance
Antonyms: little, handful, tad, trace
Example: He sent slew of enthusiastic letters to friends.

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