1 Resounding (adjective)
very great (जबरदस्त)
Synonyms: emphatic, tremendous, terrific, colossal
Antonyms: tiny, small, insignificant
Example: The evening was a resounding success.

2 Reap (verb)
To obtain something, especially something good, as a direct result of something that you have done. (परिश्रम का फल पाना)
Synonyms: receive, obtain, get, gain
Antonyms: lose, forfeit, fail
Example: They are now reaping the rewards of all their hard work.

3 Underline (verb)
To emphasize or show that something is important or true. (जोर देना)
Synonyms: stress, emphasize, underscore, accentuate
Antonyms: ignore, play down, understate, depreciate
Example: The report underlines the importance of pre-school education.

4 Gambit (noun)
An act or remark that is calculated to gain an advantage, especially at the outset of a situation. (चाल)
Synonyms: move, manoeuvre, stratagem, ruse
Antonyms: honesty, frankness, candour, candidness
Example: His idea of a brilliant conversational gambit is ‘What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

5 Resent (verb)
To feel bitter or angry about something, especially because you feel it is unfair. (नाराज होना)
Synonyms: feel aggrieved, begrudge, be offended, take umbrage
Antonyms: be happy, be pleased, like, love
Example: I deeply resented her criticism.

6 Moribund (adjective)
No longer effective and about to come to an end completely. (मरता हुआ)
Synonyms: dying, failing, on one’s last legs, in extremis
Antonyms: thriving, flourishing, booming, prospering
Example: The region’s heavy industry is still inefficient and moribund.

7 Euphoria (noun)
A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness. (उल्लासोन्माद)
Synonyms: elation, exhilaration, rapture, jubilation
Antonyms: sadness, distress, dejection, gloom
Example: I was in a state of euphoria all day.

8 Rampant (adjective)
(of something bad) existing or spreading everywhere in a way that cannot be controlled. (अनियंत्रित)
Synonyms: uncontrolled, unchecked, unbridled, unrestrained
Antonyms: contained, controlled, limited, moderate
Example: Unemployment is now rampant in most of Europe.

9 Hardship (noun)
A situation that is difficult and unpleasant because you do not have enough money, food, clothes, etc. (तंगहाली)
Synonyms: adversity, privation, deprivation, destitution
Antonyms: prosperity, ease, comfort
Example: Many people are suffering economic hardship.

10 Redoubtable (adjective)
if a person is redoubtable, they have very strong qualities that make you respect them and perhaps feel afraid of them. (महापराक्रमी)
Synonyms: awe-inspiring, formidable, fearsome
Antonyms: ordinary, average, mediocre, second-rate
Example: He was a redoubtable debater.

Daily Vocabulary 5 April Daily Vocabulary 5 April