1 Galvanise (verb)
To make somebody take action by shocking them or by making them excited. (प्रेरित करना)
Synonyms- Startle, Animate, Vitalize, Incite, Occasion
Antonyms- Discourage, Depress, Deter, Dissuade
Example- The win galvanized the whole team.

2 Reticent (adj.)
Not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily (कम बोलने वाला)
Synonyms- Reserved, Withdrawn, Restrained, Diffident
Antonyms- Communicative, Unreserved, Extroverted
Example- Their performances are at once reticent and emotionally-charged.

3 Prickly (adj.)
(of a subject, issue, etc.) likely to cause offence or controversy. (समस्यात्मक)
Synonyms- Problematic, Sensitive, Difficult, Hard
Antonyms- Easy, Simple, Uncomplicated
Example- Yet nationhood is such a prickly issue, it overwhelms even great tragedy.

4 Reinstate (verb)
Restore (someone or something) to their former position or state. (पुनः स्थापित करना)
Synonyms: Restore, Put back, Return to power, Replace
Antonyms- Kill, Destroy
Example- We are reinstating the rights we always claimed we had.

5 Chart (verb)
Record the prowess or development of. (रूपरेखा तैयार करना)
Synonyms: Follow, Trace, Outline, Register
Antonyms- Erase, Delete
Example- Participants recorded and charted their daily lifestyle activities in each area to provide evaluative feedback.

6 Pragmatic (adj.)
Solving problems in a practical and sensible way rather than by having fixed ideas or theories. (तथ्यात्मक)
Synonyms: Practical, Hard-Headed, Rational, Empirical
Antonyms- Impractical, Idealistic, Irrational, Theoretical
Example-The scientist had a pragmatic approach to dealing with the water crisis.

7 Conflate (verb)
To put two or more things together to make one new thing. (मिलाना)
Synonyms: Combine, Amalgamate, Mix
Antonyms- Separate, Divide, Split
Example- The issues of race and class are separate and should not be conflated.

8 Stark (adj.)
Severe or bare in appearance or outline. (कठोर)
Synonyms: Austere, Severe, Bleak, Harsh
Antonyms- Mild, Gentle, Clement, Moderate
Example- The issues have created a stark fault line within the Peace Process.

9 Mandarin (noun)
A powerful official of high rank, especially in the civil service. (दफ्तरशाह)
Synonyms: Official, Bureaucrat, Office-holder
Example- The treasury mandarins and their minions are working overtime.’ Traditionally, senior positions in the civil service have been reserved for long-serving mandarins.

10 Dread (verb)
Anticipate with great apprehension or fear. (डरना)
Synonyms: Fear, Be afraid of, Worry about
Antonyms- Delight, Please
Example- ‘We dread to think what the punishment for `breaking’ this law will be.

Daily Vocabulary 3 March Daily Vocabulary 3 March