1 Aid (verb)
To help somebody/something to do something, especially by making it easier. (सहायता देना)
Synonyms: help, assist, lend a hand to, support, back
Antonyms: prevent, thwart, impede, handicap
Example: Women were aided in childbirth by midwives.

2 Handful (noun)
A small number of people or things. (थोड़े से)
Synonyms: few, one or two, not many, a small number
Antonyms: oodles, mass, loads, many
Example: Only a handful of people were in the pub.

3 Proliferate (verb)
To increase rapidly in number or amount. (तादाद में बढ़ना)
Synonyms: multiply, mushroom, burgeon, rocket
Antonyms: decrease, decline, dwindle, lessen
Example: Rabbits proliferate when they have plenty of food.

4 Helm (verb)
Manage (an organization). (संचालन करना)
Synonyms: control, direct, head, administer, run
Antonyms: disorganize, mismanage, disorder, misgovern
Example: These new cultural-centre cafeterias – helmed by star chefs – will change your mind.

5 Circumvent (verb)
overcome (a problem or difficulty), typically in a clever and surreptitious way. (दरकिनार)
Synonyms: outwit, elude, skirt, outmanoeuvre
Antonyms: confront, face, encounter, take on
Example: They opened an office abroad in order to circumvent the tax laws.

6 Precipitate (verb)
To make something, especially something bad, happen suddenly or sooner than it should. (जल्दी ला देना)
Synonyms: hasten, advance, trigger, accelerate, expedite
Antonyms: check, slow, halt, retard
Example: The incident precipitated a political crisis.

7 Reliability (noun)
The quality of being able to be trusted to do what somebody wants or needs. (विश्वसनीयता)
Synonyms: dependability, trustworthiness, fidelity, constancy
Antonyms: unreliability, undependability, untrustworthiness
Example: The choice of these products was based on safety, design, technology and reliability.

8 Guzzle (verb)
Eat or drink (something) greedily. (बहुत खाना पीना)
Synonyms: gobble, gulp, wolf, devour
Antonyms: nibble, sip, gnaw, peck at
Example: The kids seem to be guzzling soft drinks all day.

9 Manoeuvre (noun)
a carefully planned or cunning scheme or action. (तिकड़म)
Synonyms: stratagem, gambit, ploy, tactic
Antonyms: Honesty, candidness
Example: Her withdrawal from the contest was a tactical manoeuvre.

10 Mammoth (noun)
Extremely large. (विशालकाय)
Synonyms: enormous, gargantuan, colossal, stupendous
Antonyms: tiny, miniature, infinitesimal, wee
Example: They are able to quickly pull relevant information from this mammoth database.

Daily Vocabulary 2 March Daily Vocabulary 2 March