1 Amicably (adverb)
Meaning- In a polite and friendly way. (मित्रभाव से)
Synonyms: Amiably, Peacefully, Friendly, Genially
Antonyms- Angrily, Manically, Hostilely
Example- They have amicably resolved their outstanding dispute.

2 Accentuate (verb)
Meaning- To emphasize something or make it easier to notice. (अधिक सुस्पष्ट करना)
Synonyms: Emphasize, Underscore, Highlight, Point up, Give prominence to
Antonyms- De-emphasize, Divert attention from
Example- Her short hair accentuated her huge eyes.

3 Hegemony (noun)
Meaning- Control by one country, organization, etc. over other countries, etc. within a particular group. (आधिपत्य)
Synonyms: Leadership, Dominance, Supremacy, Ascendancy, Sway, Predominance
Antonyms- Powerlessness, Incapability, Incompetence
Example- The country’s continuing desire for political and military hegemony.

4 Grapple (verb)
Meaning- Struggle to deal with or overcome (a difficulty or challenge) (सामना करना)
Synonyms: Tackle, Confront, Face, Attend to
Antonyms- Fail, Hold, Surrender
Example- Passers-by grappled with the man.

5 Manoeuvring (noun)
Meaning- Ways of achieving your aims that are clever, show skill and are often dishonest. (पैंतरेबाज़ी)
Synonyms: Stratagem, Tactic, Gambit, Ploy
Example- The political manoeuvring never stops.

6 Unravel (verb)
Meaning- To start to fail or no longer stay together as a whole. (असफ़ल होना)
Synonyms: Fail, Collapse, Fall apart, Come apart
Antonyms- Succeed, Satisfy, Win, Thrive
Example- The Government’s immigration policy appears to be unraveling very quickly, with further changes announced today.

7 Miffed (adjective)
Meaning- Slightly angry or upset. (गुस्से में)
Synonyms: Annoyed, Irritated, Peeved, Resentful
Antonyms- Pleased, Happy
Example- She’s a bit miffed that we’re not taking her with us.

8 Erode (verb)
Meaning- Gradually destroy or be gradually destroyed. (नष्ट करना)
Synonyms: Wear Away, Destroy, Abrade
Antonyms- Maintain, Save, Conserve, Preserve
Example- This humiliation has eroded what confidence Jean has.

9 Embrace (noun)
Meaning- An act of accepting something willingly or enthusiastically. (आलिंगन)
Synonyms: Welcoming, Adoption, Integration
Antonyms- Discard, Repudiation, Renunciation
Example- Enthusiastic embrace of these new gods is decimating its youthful adherents.

10 Anchor (verb)
Meaning- Provide with a firm basis or foundation. (सहारा)
Synonyms: Stick, Lodge, Implant
Antonyms- Uproot, Dislodge, Detach
Example- It is important that policy be anchored to some acceptable theoretical basis.

Daily Vocabulary 29 June Daily Vocabulary 29 June