1 Abeyance (noun)
A state of temporary disuse or suspension. (स्थगन)
Synonyms- suspend, adjourn, interrupt, break of
Antonyms- Continuation, resumption
Example- Matters were held in abeyance pending further inquiries.

2 Egalitarian (adjective)
Believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. (समानाधिकारवादी)
Synonyms: democratic, even handed, equitable, just
Antonyms: unfair, partial, biased, prejudiced
Example: Would you say that your struggle is for an egalitarian society?

3 Torchbearer (noun)
A person who leads or inspires others in working towards a valued goal. (पथप्रदर्शक)
Synonyms: pioneer, trailblazer, groundbreaker, trendsetter
Example: The Olympic torchbearer Jinjing was invited to visit France again.

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4 Ingrained (adjective)
(of a habit, belief, or attitude) firmly fixed or established; difficult to change. (गहराई तक पहुंचा हुआ)
Synonyms: established, entrenched, deep-seated, implanted
Antonyms: changeable, transient, mutable, unfixed
Example: The belief that we should do our duty is deeply ingrained in most of us.

5 Erstwhile (adjective)
Former; that until recently was the type or thing described but is not any more. (भूतपूर्व)
Synonyms: former, preceding, quondam, late
Antonyms: current, present, ongoing, prospective
Example: Dr Manmohan Singh was erstwhile prime minister of India.

6 Propound (verb)
To suggest an idea or explanation of something for people to consider. (प्रतिपादन करना)
Synonyms: propose, put forward, moot, present, set forth
Antonyms: take back, retreat, withdraw
Example: The theory of natural selection was first propounded by Charles Darwin.

7 Uphold (verb)
Maintain (a custom or practice). (बनाए रखना)
Synonyms: maintain, sustain, preserve, hold to, perpetuate
Antonyms: Let go, ignore, neglect
Example: They uphold a tradition of not causing distress to living creatures.

8 Profound (adjective)
Very great; felt or experienced very strongly. (गहन)
Synonyms: deep, intense, extreme, acute
Antonyms: mild, superficial, shallow, slight
Example: My father’s death had a profound effect on us all.

9 Renaissance (noun)
A situation when there is new interest in a particular subject, form of art, etc. after a period when it was not very popular. (पुनर्जागरण काल)
Synonyms: revival, resurrection, rejuvenation, resurgence,
Antonyms: decline, destruction, deterioration, ruin
Example: Traditional music has undergone a renaissance in the last few decades.

10 Denounce (verb)
To strongly criticize somebody/something that you think is wrong, illegal, etc. (निंदा करना)
Synonyms: criticize, censure, castigate, excoriate
Antonyms: compliment, applaud, praise, commend
Example: She publicly denounced the government’s handling of the crisis.

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