1 Culmination (noun)
The highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time. (शिखर)
Synonyms: Climax, Apogee, Pinnacle, Completion
Antonyms- Nadir, Beginning, Start, Commencement
Example- Months of hard work culminated in success.

2 Cement (verb)
To make a relationship, an agreement, etc. stronger (मज़बूत बनाना)
Synonyms- Strengthen, Toughen, Reinforce
Antonyms- Weaken, Undermine, Impair
Example- The two firms are expected to cement an agreement soon.

3 Plank (noun)
A fundamental point of a political or other programme. (प्रथममुद्दा)
Synonyms- Main point, Essential part, Elementary point
Example- The central plank of the bill is the curb on industrial polluters. The fundamental plank of the SEP’s program is the international unity of the working class.

4 Erode (verb)
Gradually destroy or be gradually destroyed. (नष्ट करना)
Synonyms: Wear Away, Destroy, Abrade
Antonyms- Maintain, Save, Conserve, Preserve
Example- This humiliation has eroded what confidence he has.

5 Forge (verb)
To put a lot of effort into making something successful or strong so that it will last (बना देना)
Synonyms: Build up, Put together, Set up, Establish
Antonyms- Demolish, Tear down
Example- The country is forging a bright new future.

6 Consensus (noun)
A general agreement. (आम सहमति)
Synonyms: Agreement, Concurrence, Accord
Antonyms- Disagreement, Discord, Dissent
Example- There is a growing consensus of opinion on this issue.

7 Catapult (verb)
To throw someone or something with great force (फेंक देना)
Synonyms: Throw, Hurl, Fling
Example- She was catapulted out of the car as it hit the wall.

8 Woo (verb)
Seek the favor, support, or custom of. (समर्थन मांगना)
Synonyms: Pursue, Seek the support of, Try to cultivate
Antonyms- Ignore, Discourage
Example- Political parties have roped in Bollywood stars only to woo the young.

9 Harp (verb)
Talk or write persistently and tediously on (a particular topic) (तंग करके कहना)
Synonyms: Discuss, Elaborate on, Expound on
Antonyms- Dismiss, Ignore
Example- They’ve been harping on about this for the past half hour.

10 Overwhelming (adj.)
Very great in amount. (ओजपूर्वक प्रबलतासे)
Synonyms- Enormous, Immense, Huge, Tremendous, Profuse
Antonyms- Small, Insignificant, Trivial, Little
Example- The overwhelming majority of those present were in favor of the plan.

Daily Vocabulary 26 March Daily Vocabulary 26 March