1 Contemplate (verb)
Meaning- To think about whether you should do something, or how you should do something.(चिंतन करना)
Synonyms: Think about, Consider, Ponder Antonyms- Disregard, Discard, Ignore
Example- The explanation is still worrying to contemplate.

2 Immutable (adjective)
Meaning- Unchan mg over time or unable to be changed. (अपरिवर्त्य)
Synonyms: Unchangeable, Inflexible, Fixed, Invariable Antonyms- Changeable, Flexible, Variable
Example- This decision should not be seen as immutable.

3 Slant (noun)
Meaning- A particular point of view from which something is seen or presented. (झुकाव)
Synonyms: Viewpoint, Stance, Perspective, Opinion
Example- People were trying to look for a negative rather than a positive slant, which is the way they have chosen to go.

4 Predicate (verb)
Meaning- Found or base something on.(निर्धारक)
Synonyms: Base, Establish, Be independent Antonyms- Invalidate, Nullify, Stop
Example- The theory of structure on which later chemistry was predicated.

5 Predilection (noun)
Meaning- A preference or special liking for something. (झुकाव)
Synonyms: Liking, Preference, Proclivity Antonyms- Dislike, Disinclination, Hate
Example- An artist with a predilectio. n for bright colours.

6 Complacency (noun)
Meaning- A feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. (संतोषप्रद)
Synonyms: Self-satisfaction, Smugness, Contentment Antonyms- Meekness, Shyness, Timidity
Example- His early success as a writer led to complacency and arrogance.

7 Dissuade (verb)
Meaning: To persuade somebody not to do something. (न करने के लिए समझाना)
Synonyms: Discourage, Deter, Prevent, Antonyms- Persuade, Encourage, Talk into
Example- I tried to dissuade him from giving up his job.

8 Deploy (verb)
Meaning- To use something effectively. (असरदार तरीके से इस्तेमाल करना)
Synonyms: Use, Utilize, Employ, Put to use Antonyms- Misuse, Misapply, Misemploy
Example- She rejected the arguments that had been deployed against her.

9 Conundrum (noun)
Meaning- A confusing problem or question that is very difficult to solve. (समस्या)
Synonyms: Problem, Difficult Question, Quandary Antonyms- Blessing, Boon, Benison, Grace
Example- One of the most difficult conundrums for the experts.

10 Precipitate (adjective)
Meaning- Done, made, or acting suddenly or without careful consideration. (जल्द)
Synonyms: Hasty, Hurried, Rushed Antonyms- Unhurried, Leisurely, Unrushed
Example-Declaring victory would not only be precipitate but dangerous.