1 Acrimony (noun)
Angry bitter feelings or words. (कटुता)
Synonyms: ill- will, bitterness, spite, rancour, virulence
Antonyms: kindness, courtesy, politeness, civility
Example: The dispute was settled without acrimony.

2 Looming (adjective)
about to happen soon and causing worry. (निकट का)
Synonyms: impending, imminent, forthcoming, approaching, in the offing
Antonyms: remote, eventual, far off, unlikely
Example: It seemed that nothing could prevent the looming disaster.

3 Blackout (noun)
A situation when the government or the police will not allow any news or information on a particular subject to be given to the public. (बंदिश)
Synonyms: prohibition, suppression, cut off, censorship
Antonyms: approval, allowance, permission, clearance
Example: The Indian government has imposed a news blackout in Srinagar.

4 Sullen (adjective)
In a bad mood and not speaking, either on a particular occasion or because it is part of your character. (चिडचिडा)
Synonyms: surly, morose, peevish, touchy, grumpy
Antonyms: happy, cheerful, joyful, cheery
Example: She gave him a sullen glare.

5 Overture (noun)
A suggestion or an action by which somebody tries to make friends, start a business relationship, have discussions, etc. with somebody else. (सन्धि प्रस्ताव)
Synonyms: opening move, advances, proposition, proposal, tender
Example: He began making overtures to a number of merchant banks.

6 Coalesce (verb)
To come together to form one larger group, substance, etc. (सम्मिलित होना)
Synonyms: combine, amalgamate, blend, conflate, merge
Antonyms: separate, divide, sever, split up
Example: The markets have coalesced into a single global market.

7 Maelstrom (noun)
A situation full of strong emotions or confusing events, that is hard to control and makes you feel frightened. (हंगामा)
Synonyms: turbulence, tumult, turmoil, uproar, commotion, bedlam
Antonyms: calm, peace, harmony, order
Example: The train station was a maelstrom of crowds.

8 Disparate (adjective)
Different in every way. (भिन्न)
Synonyms: dissimilar, contrasting, heterogeneous, poles apart
Antonyms: similar, homogenous, corresponding, kindred
Example: Chalk and cheese are disparate substances.

9 Cement (verb)
To make something such as an agreement or friendship stronger. (मजबूत करना)
Synonyms: bolster, buttress, reinforce, fortify
Antonyms: weaken, undermine, undercut, sap
Example: Our holiday together cemented our friendship.

10 Jeopardy (noun)
In a dangerous position or situation and likely to be lost or armed. (ख़तरा)
Synonyms: danger, peril, hazard, risk, pitfall
Antonyms: safety, protection, invulnerability, security
Example: The civil war has put thousands of lives in jeopardy.

Daily Vocabulary 23 February Daily Vocabulary 23 February