1 Cockily (adverb)
In an overconfident manner that annoys other people. (अहंकार से)
Synonyms: overconfidently, arrogantly, conceitedly, overweeningly
Antonyms: humbly, timidly, shyly, coyly
Example: He walked cockily.

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2 Debasement (noun)
The fact of making something somebody less valuable or respected. Of (अधोगति)
Synonyms: degradation, abasement, degeneracy, depravation
Antonyms: glorification, elevation, exaltation
Example: There will be no debasement of quality.

3 Intransigence (noun)
Refusal to change one’s views or to agree about something. (हठ)
Synonyms: rigidity, stubbornness, obduracy, obstinacy
Antonyms: flexibility, subservience, slavishness, yielding
Example: He accused the government of intransigence.

4 Itch (noun)
A restless or strong desire to do something. (आकांक्षा)
Synonyms: urge, yearning, covetousness, hankering
Antonyms: dislike, hatred, repulsion, aversion
Example: I had a burning itch that I should tell him about Aiden but the words couldn’t come out.

5 Spurn (verb)
To reject somebody/something in a proud way. (ठुकरा देना)
Synonyms: reject, refuse, turn down, repudiate, rebuff
Antonyms: accept, approve, welcome, acquiesce
Example: Eve spurned Mark’s invitation.

6 Skirmish (noun)
A short argument, especially between political opponents. (हल्की लड़ाई)
Synonyms: argument, quarrel, Nuabble, contretemps
Antonyms: peace, agreement, harmony, concord, accord
Example: There was a skirmish over the budget.

7 Gratuitously (adverb)
Without any good reason or purpose. (अनावश्यक रूप से)
Synonyms: unnecessarily, unjustifiably, for nothing, needlessly, wantonly
Antonyms: necessarily, with reason, need fully, indispensably
Example: She now regrets gratuitously slating other creative people.

8 Justness (noun)
The quality or state of being just, equitable, or right. (औचित्य)
Synonyms: justice, fairness, impartiality, equity
Antonyms: bias, discrimination, subjectivity, partiality, prejudice
Example: In fact, the most needed field of justness is the field of public administration.

9 Enamoured (adjective)
(often in negative sentences) liking something a lot. (मोहित)
Synonyms: infatuated, besotted, smitten, captivated
Antonyms: repulsed, disenchanted
Example: She is enamoured of Irish folklore and landscape.

10 Rub (noun)
a problem or difficulty. (कठिनाई)
Synonyms: problem, difficulty, trouble, obstruction
Example: The rub was that he wasn’t particularly open about his feelings.

Daily Vocabulary 21 April Daily Vocabulary 21 April