1 Disenchantment (noun)
A feeling of disappointment about someone or something you previously respected or admired. (निराशा)
Synonyms- Disillusionment, Discontent, Discouragement, Regret
Antonyms- Blessing, Triumph, Attainment, pleasure
Example- There’s growing disenchantment with the Government.

2 Voracity (noun)
The quality of wanting a lot of new information and knowledge. (अधिक लालची)
Synonyms- Rapacity, Edacity, Covetousness
Example- The breadth and voracity of her reading.

3 Unrelenting (adj.)
Not giving way to kindness or compassion. (निरंतर)
Synonyms- Constant, Continuous, Endless, Ceaseless
Antonyms- Intermittent, Relenting
Example- He believed their newly formed government should be strict, orderly, and unrelenting.

4 Usurp (verb)
To take somebody’s position and/or power without having the right to do this. (अ‍नधिकार ग्रहण करना)
Synonyms: Seize, Take Over, Arrogate, Appropriate, Wrest
Antonyms- Give in, Capitulate, Yield, Relent
Example- He attempted to usurp the principal’s authority.

5 Straitjacket (noun)
Used in reference to something that restricts freedom of action, development, or expression. (विकास में बाधक)
Synonyms: Restriction, Restraint, Constraint
Antonyms- Freedom, Liberation, Expansion
Example- The government is operating in an economic straitjacket.

6 Appalling (adj.)
Extremely bad especially from a moral point of view. (भयावह)
Synonyms: Horrifying, Terrible, Awful, Heinous
Antonyms- Pleasing, Alluring, Comforting, Delightful
Example- The prisoners were living in appalling conditions.

7 Ravage (verb)
To damage something badly. (बर्बाद कर देना)
Synonyms: Devastate, Ruin, Raze, Lay Waste, Wreck, Damage
Antonyms- Repair, Fix, Mend, Rectify
Example- The countryside has been ravaged by pollution.

8 Burgeoning (adj.)
Beginning to grow or develop rapidly. (बढ़ता हुआ)
Synonyms: Flourishing, Growing, Budding, Blooming
Antonyms- Fading, Dwindling, Diminishing burgeoning demand.
Example- Manufacturers are keen to cash in on the.

9 Reproach (verb)
Express to (someone) one’s disapproval of or disappointment in their actions. (तिरस्कार करना)
Synonyms: Dislike, Upbraid, Frown on, Take a dim view of
Antonyms- Praise, Commend, Approve
Example- He reproached his wife with her inattention, her habitual neglect of the children.

10 Espouse (verb)
To give your support to a belief, policy. etc. (सहारा देना)
Synonyms: Support, Accept, Adopt, Assist
Antonyms- Oppose, Abandon, Hinder, Disprove
Example- He espouses the belief that true revolutionaries must anchor their efforts in an act of love of people and of life.

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