1 Calibrated (adjective)
Carefully assessed, set, or adjusted. (आंकना)
Synonyms: evaluated, judged, gauged, appraised
Antonyms: neglected, ignored
Example: Core reforms need calibrated policies.

2 Espouse (verb)
To give your support to a belief, policy, etc. (समर्थन करना)
Synonyms: support, advocate, champion, endorse
Antonyms: oppose, resist, counter
Example: They espoused the notion of equal opportunity for all in education.

3 Peremptorily (adverb)
In a way that allows no discussion or refusal. (निर्णयात्मक ढंग से)
Synonyms: dictatorially, commandingly, arbitrarily, authoritatively
Antonyms: meekly, submissively, tamely, timidly
Example: She peremptorily rejected the request.

4 Seminal (adjective)
Very important and having a strong influence on later developments. (मौलिक)
Synonyms: influential, formative, pivotal, epoch-making
Antonyms: unimportant, insignificant minor, trivial
Example: His book on social policy proved to be seminal.

5 Portent (noun)
A sign or warning of something that is going to happen in the future, especially when it is something unpleasant. (खराब शकुन)
Synonyms: omen, presage, augury, premonition
Antonyms: doom, fate
Example: The strikes are viewed as a portent of revolution.

6 Heed (verb)
To pay careful attention to somebody’s advice or warning. (ध्यान देना)
Synonyms: notice, pay attention, listen to, contemplate
Antonyms: ignore, overlook, pass over, disregard
Example: He failed to heed our warnings.

7 Unwarranted (adjective)
not reasonable or necessary. (अनधिकृत)
Synonyms: unreasonable, unjustifiable, groundless, unfounded
Antonyms: justified, reasonable, well-founded, sensible
Example: Much of the criticism was totally unwarranted.

8 Safeguard (verb)
Protect from harm or damage with an appropriate measure. (बचाव करना)
Synonyms: protect, shield, guard, screen, watch over
Antonyms: expose, endanger, imperil, jeopardize, compromise
Example: The industry has a duty to safeguard the interests of consumers.

9 Unseemly (adjective)
(of behavior, etc.) not polite or suitable for a particular situation. (अनुचित)
Synonyms: improper, indecorous, unbecoming, unbefitting
Antonyms: proper, seemly, genteel, decent
Example: Everyone was shocked by his unseemly conduct.

10 Implicitly (adverb)
completely and without any doubt. (निःसन्देह)
Synonyms: absolutely, totally, completely, wholly
Antonyms: partly, partially, somewhat
Example: I trust John implicitly.

Daily Vocabulary 1 April Daily Vocabulary 1 April