1 Serpentine (adjective)
Winding and twisting like a snake. (सर्पवत)
Synonyms: windy, zigzag, meandering, twisting
Antonyms: straight, direct, linear, straightforward
Example: We followed the serpentine course of the river.

2 Seasoned (adjective)
(of a person) having a lot of experience of a particular activity. (अनुभवी)
Synonyms: experienced, veteran, versed. hardened
Antonyms: inexperienced, amateur, green. callow
Example: Modi ji is a seasoned politician.

3 Voluminous (adjective)
(of a piece of writing, a book, etc.) very long and detailed. (विस्तृत)
Synonyms: comprehensive, extensive, copious, thorough
Antonyms: narrow, limited, succinct, laconic
Example: There is voluminous literature on modernism and post-modernism.

4 Symbiotic (adjective)
Used to describe a relationship between people, companies, etc. that is to the advantage of both. (पारस्परिक)
Synonyms: co-operative, reciprocal, mutual, synergic, harmonious
Antonyms: separate, unilateral, individual, solitary
Example: The two formed a close friendship and a symbiotic working relationship that lasted half a century.

5 Shrug off (verb)
To treat something as if it is not important. (नजर अंदाज करना)
Synonyms: dismiss, disregard, pay no heed to, wave away
Antonyms: regard, attend, heed, mark, note
Example: He shrugged aside suggestions that he resign.

6 Muddled (adjective)
Not clear or coherent; confused (अस्पष्ट)
Synonyms: confused, befuddled, bemused, topsy-turvy
Antonyms: clear, lucid, clear-headed
Example: Such a view reflects muddled thinking.

7 Outset (noun)
The beginning of something. (शुरुआत से ही)
Synonyms: start, beginning, commencement, inception, onset
Antonyms: completion, end, conclusion, termination
Example: You should have made that clear right at the outset.

8 Deliberation (noun)
The process of carefully considering or discussing something. (विवेचना)
Synonyms: consideration, reflection, cogitation, brooding
Antonyms: thoughtfulness, neglect, ignorance, heedlessness
Example: After ten hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of ‘not guilty’.

9 Hawed (adjective)
Having or characterized by a fundamental weakness or imperfection. (दोषपूर्ण)
Synonyms: faulty, defective, imperfect, unsound
Antonyms: impeccable, perfect, flawless, fine
Example: The it y was methodologically flawed.

10 Rule (verb)
To give an official decision about something. (निर्णय करना)
Synonyms: judge, pronounce. decree, adjudicate
Antonyms: ignore, dodge, sidestep, elude
Example: The court will rule on the legality of the action.

Daily Vocabulary 19 March Daily Vocabulary 19 March