1 Manifest (verb)
To show something clearly, especially a feeling, an attitude or a quality. (प्रकट करना)
Synonyms: demonstrate, reveal, exhibit, evince
Antonyms: hide, conceal, obscure, shroud
Example: His fear and anticipation were manifested in the drills that he’s been doing with his team.

2 Pre-eminence (noun)
The quality of being more important, more successful or of a higher standard than others. (उत्कृष्टता)
Synonyms: superiority, supremacy, primacy, prominence
Antonyms: unimportance, anonymity, obscurity, oblivion
Example: The county owed its distinctiveness and pre-eminence largely to one man, St Cuthbert.

3 Topple (verb)
To make somebody lose their position of power or authority.(पद को खोना)
Synonyms: overthrow, depose, unseat, bring down
Antonyms: appoint, elect, install, throne
Example: This gave the military a veto over the cabinet, and the power to topple governments.

4 Botch/botch up (verb)
Carry out (a task) badly or carelessly. (फ़ुहडपने से करना)
Synonyms: do badly, bungle, foul up, flub
Antonyms: do well, improve, fix, better
Example: He completely botched up the interview.

5 House (verb)
To provide a place for somebody to live. (आश्रय देना)
Synonyms: accommodate, shelter, lodge, take in
Antonyms: throw out, evict, eject, expel
Example: The government is committed to housing the refugees.

6 Relegate (Verb)
To give somebody a lower or less important position, rank, etc. than before. (पदावनति)
Synonyms: demote, downgrade, lower, kick downstairs
Antonyms: promote, elevate, raise, upgrade
Example: She was then relegated to the role of assistant.

7 Vow (verb)
To make a formal and serious promise to do something or a formal statement that is true. (शपथ खाना)
Synonyms: promise, swear, undertake, give one’s word
Antonyms: reject, refuse, repudiate
Example: She vowed never to speak to him again.

8 Imperial (adjective)
Relating to an empire. (साम्राज्य-संबंधी)
Synonyms: royal, regal, monarchal, stately
Antonyms: common, mediocre, humble, trivial
Example: They made an objection to the imperial system with resolution.

9 Orchestrate (verb)
To organize a complicated plan or event very carefully or secretly. (योजना बनाना)
Synonyms: plan, mastermind, plot, hatch
Example: The group is accused of orchestrating violence at demonstrations.

10 Overarching (adjective)
Comprehensive or all-embracing. (व्यापक)
Synonyms: all-encompassing, predominant, supreme, widespread
Antonyms: partial, fragmentary, incomplete, lacking
Example: On the debit side, he frustratingly falls short of any overarching analysis.

Daily Vocabulary 18 March Daily Vocabulary 18 March