1 Ingress (noun)
The act of entering a place. (प्रवेश)
Synonyms: Entry, Entrance, Access, Way in
Antonyms- Exit, Egress, Expulsion
Example- Railway systems depend on easy ingress and egress at numerous points along the route.

2 Palpably (adv.)
In a way that is easily noticed by the mind or the senses. (स्पष्ट रूप से)
Synonyms- Clearly, Noticeably, Plainly
Antonyms- Vaguely, Unsubstantially
Example- Even in full costume, he was palpably nervous.

3 Tinderbox (noun)
A thing that is readily ignited. (विस्फोटक स्थिति वाला स्थान)
Synonyms- Time bomb, Flashpoint, Boiling point
Example- The estate was a tinderbox where riots could explode at any moment.

4 Sketchy (adj.)
Not thorough or detailed. (संक्षिप्त)
Synonyms: Incomplete, Limited, Fragmentary
Antonyms- Detailed, Complete, Thorough
Example- The story is sketchy and vague about where the funds went.

5 Reprieve (noun)
A cancellation or postponement of a punishment. (दण्डविराम)
Synonyms: Suspension, Cancellation of punishment, Stay of execution
Antonyms- Continuation, Resumption
Example- He was saved from the gallows by a last-minute reprieve.

6 Delineation (noun)
The action of describing or portraying something precisely. (चित्रण)
Synonyms: Portrayal, Depiction, Picture, Outline, Representation
Example- Our cover list is not a perfect delineation of popularity.

7 Nub (noun)
The crux or central point of a matter. (सारांश)
Synonyms: Ethos, Spirit, Marrow, Crux
Antonyms- Unimportance, Insignificance
Example- Let us cut to the nub of the matter about why we are debating this bill.

8 Murmurs (noun)
The quiet or subdued expression of a particular feeling by a group of people. (मंद ध्वनी)
Synonyms- Whisper, Undertone, Mutter, Mumble
Example- There were murmurs of dissent from his colleagues.

9 Wherewithal (noun)
The money or other means needed for a particular purpose. (साधन)
Synonyms: Ready money, Resources, Reserves, Funds, Finances
Antonyms- Debts, Liabilities, Indebtedness
Example- They lacked the wherewithal to pay for the repairs.

10 Imminent (adj.)
About to happen. (आने वाला)
Synonyms: Impending, Forthcoming, Approaching, Nearing
Antonyms- Distant, Unlikely, Doubtful
Example- An announcement about his resignation is imminent.

Daily Vocabulary 18 February Daily Vocabulary 18 February