1 Haunt (verb)
(of something unpleasant) continue to affect or cause problems for. (परेशान करना)
Synonyms- Oppress, Torment, Torture, Nag at
Antonyms- Assist, Aid
Example- That created an injustice that continues to haunt the Olympic movement.

2 Strident (adj.)
(of a sound) loud and harsh. (कर्कश)
Synonyms- Grating, Raucous, Jarring, Shrill
Antonyms- Gentle, Quiet
Example- Some ten minutes later my bite alarm sounded its strident note.

3 Belligerent (adj.)
Hostile and aggressive. (युद्धरत)
Synonyms- Threatening, Pugnacious, Bellicose, Militant
Antonyms- Friendly, Peaceful, Amicable
Example- He is always very belligerent towards me.

4 Curtail (verb)
Reduce in extent or quantity. (कम करना)
Synonyms: Reduce, Lessen, Diminish, Truncate, Shrink, Decrease
Antonyms- Extend, Lengthen, Increase, Expand, Raise
Example- Spending on books has been severely curtailed.

5 Accommodative (adj.)
Willing to fit in with someone’s wishes or needs. (समझौतापरक)
Synonyms: Obliging, Reconciling, Complaisant
Antonyms- Uncooperative, Intractable
Example- She was understanding, patient, accommodative, and always had a solution to all problems.

6 Crude (adj.)
(of an estimate or guess) likely to be only approximately accurate. (असिद्ध)
Synonyms: Imprecise, Not exact, Approximate
Antonyms- Exact, Accurate
Example- Obviously these comparisons are extremely crude.

7 Pander (verb)
Gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire or taste or a person with such a desire or taste). (ख़ुश करना)
Synonyms: Indulge, Satisfy, Comply with, Fulfil
Antonyms- Dissatisfy, Disappoint
Example- The Government should not be pandering to public taste in the arts, but rather driving it.

8 Emasculate (verb)
To make somebody/something less powerful or less effective. (प्रभावहीन करना)
Synonyms: Weaken, Enfeeble, Debilitate, Undermine
Antonyms- Strengthen, Fortify, Invigorate
Example- You are going to have truncated, emasculated tribunals.

9 Envisage (verb)
To imagine what will happen in the future. (परिकल्पना करना)
Synonyms: Foresee, Envision, Contemplate
Antonyms- Disregard, Neglect, Ignore, Overlook
Example- It is envisaged that the talks will take place in the spring.

10 Stodgy (adj.)
Dull and uninspired; lacking originality or excitement. (घिसा पिटा)
Synonyms: Boring, Dull, Uninteresting
Antonyms- Interesting, Exciting, entertaining
Example- Conversely, great skiing can’t compensate for stodgy service or uninspiring interiors.

Daily Vocabulary 16 February Daily Vocabulary 16 February