1 Dwell on (verb)
To think or talk a lot about something. (विचार करना)
Synonyms: think about, linger on, mull over, brood, ponder
Antonyms: forget, ignore, dismiss, push aside, brush aside
Example: I’ve got better things to do than dwell on the past.

2 Kindred (adjective)
Very similar; related. (एक्सा)
Synonyms: similar, akin, alike, analogous
Antonyms: different, opposite, disparate, distinct
Example: He found kindred spirits (people who like the same things as you) in the peace movement.

3 Foreground (verb)
Make (something) the most prominent or important feature. (किसी चीज को महत्व देना)
Synonyms: Focus attention on, bring attention to, point up, play up
Antonyms: undervalue, play down, underrate
Example: The play foregrounds the relationship between father and daughter.

4 Conducive (adjective)
Making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible. (सहायक)
Synonyms: helpful, advantageous, contributory, encouraging
Antonyms: unfavourable, adverse, hindering, suitable
Example: The soft lights and music were conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.

5 Dovetail (verb)
If two things dovetail or if one thing dovetails with another, they fit together well. (मेल खाना)
Synonyms: tit together, concur, be in agreement, be in tune, tally, conform
Antonyms: mismatch, differ, clash, contradict
Example: My plans dovetailed nicely with hers.

6 Trump (verb)
To beat something that somebody says or does by saying or doing something even better. (पछाड़ देना)
Synonyms: surpass, outdo, upstage, outperform
Antonyms: fall behind, lag behind, underperform, lose
Example: Their bid to take over the company was trumped by a US private equity firm.

7 Strive (verb)
To try very hard to achieve something. (प्रयास करना)
Synonyms: struggle, endeavour, strain, attempt, pull out all the stops
Antonyms: relax, skip, bask, rest
Example: We encourage all members to strive for the highest standards.

8 Stagnant (adjective)
Not developing, growing or changing. (ठहरा हुआ)
Synonyms: static, fixed, steady, stable, constant
Antonyms: moving, fluctuating, changing, variable
Example: The housing market has been largely stagnant over the past few months.

9 Escalation (noun)
A rapid increase. (वृद्धि)
Synonyms: rise, intensification, growth, upsurge, upturn
Antonyms: decrease, reduction. plunge, plummeting
Example: Today the cost has risen to $360 per square foot – a 62 percent escalation.

10 Undertake (verb)
To make yourself responsible for something and start doing it. (उत्तरदायित्व लेना)
Synonyms: take on, assume, shoulder, carry out
Antonyms: abandon, relinquish, abstain, forego
Example: The company has announced that it will undertake a full investigation into the accident.

Daily Vocabulary 13 March Daily Vocabulary 13 March