1 Expound (verb)
To explain something by talking about in detail. (प्रतिपादन करना)
Synonyms: explicate, set forth, elucidate, spell out
Antonyms: confuse, complicate, mystify
Example: These ideas were originally expounded by Plato.

2 Impinge (verb)
Advance over an area belonging to someone or something else (अतिक्रमण करना)
Synonyms: trespass. intrude, obtrude, infringe
Antonyms: keep off, comply
Example: They have promised that the development will not encroach on fanners’ land.

3 Solidarity (noun)
Support by one person or group of people for another because they share feelings, opinions, aims, etc. (एकजुटता)
Synonyms: unity, camaraderie. unanimity. esprit de corps. oneness
Antonyms: disagreement, discord. antagonism, dissension
Example: Demonstrations were held as a gesture of solidarity with the hunger strikers.

4 Recalcitrant (adjective)
(of a person) unwilling to obey orders or to do what should be done, or (of an animal) refusing to be controlled. (अड़ियल)
Synonyms: uncooperative, unruly, intractable, headstrong, wayward
Antonyms: amenable, docile, compliant, pliant
Example: The University suspended the most recalcitrant demonstrators.

5 Strike down (verb)
to decide that a law is illegal and should not apply. (समाप्त करना)
Synonyms: invalidate, nullify, annul, revoke
Antonyms: approve, sanction, permit, validate, enact
Example: The law was struck down as unconstitutional.

6 Sanctum (noun )
a private room where somebody can go and not be disturbed. (एकांत कक्ष)
Synonyms: hideout, lair, retreat, den, hideaway,
Example: She once allowed me into her inner sanctum.

7 Delicate (adjective)
Showing or needing skilful, careful or sensitive treatment. (संवेदनशील)
Synonyms: careful, considerate, sensitive. diplomatic, discreet
Example: Though he has a high school education, he has been trained to be a specialist here, and he considers his job as delicate as disarming a live bomb.

8 Explicitly (Adverb)
in a clear and detailed manner. leaving no room tier confusion or doubt. (स्पष्ट रूप से)
Synonyms: distinctly, precisely, categorically. precisely, unequivocally
Antonyms: implicitly, vaguely, inaccurately, dubiously
Example: The report states explicitly that the system was to blame.

9 Expel (Verb)
To officially make somebody leave a school or an organization. (निष्कासित करना)
Synonyms: eject, oust, banish, evict, exile
Antonyms: welcome, take in, admit, allow
Example: She was expelled from school at 15.

10 Prevalent (Adjective)
widespread in a particular area or at a particular time. (प्रचारित)
Synonyms: prevailing, popular, rampant, rife, pervasive, ubiquitous
Antonyms: uncommon, rare, sparse. infrequent
Example: These diseases are more prevalent among young children.

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