1 Ardent (adj.)
Very enthusiastic or passionate. (उत्साही)
Synonyms: Passionate, Fervent, Eager, Fierce
Antonyms- Unenthusiastic, Apathetic, Indifferent
Example- Your ardent and enthusiastic manner finds favour and could propel you to success.

2 Condone (verb)
Accept (behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive). (माफ करना)
Synonyms- Forgive, Pardon, Overlook
Antonyms- Condemn, Censure
Example- The concept of secrets leads on to group behaviours that are condoned but not desirable.

3 Hapless (adj.)
(especially of a person) unfortunate. (बदकिस्मत)
Synonyms- Unfortunate, Cursed, Luckless, Doomed
Antonyms- Fortunate, Blessed, Propitious
Example- It is not merely hapless tourists that are suffering in this unstable climate.

4 Rejig (verb)
Organize (something) differently. (ठीक करना)
Synonyms: Rearrange, Adjust, Alter
Example- It just meant a little inconvenience and rejigging a production line.

5 Dash (verb)
Destroy or frustrate (hopes or expectations). (चूर चूर करना)
Synonyms- Shatter, Wreck, Crush, Ruin
Antonyms- Help, Assist
Example- The budget dashed hopes of an increase in funding.

6 Circumspect (adj.)
Wary and unwilling to take risks. (सावधान)
Synonyms: Cautious, Prudent, Discreet, Heedful
Antonyms- Careless, Incautious, Thoughtless
Example- The officials were very circumspect in their statements.

7 Instrumental (adj.)
Important in making something happen. (सहायक)
Synonyms: Involved, Subservient, Conducive, Contributory, Ancillary
Antonyms- Unhelpful, Useless, Tangential
Example- They were highly instrumental in bringing the business to Newtown.

8 Succour (noun)
Assistance and support in times of hardship and distress. (राहत)
Synonyms: Aid, Help, Assistance, Support
Antonyms- Hindrance, Impediment, Obstruction
Example- Victims’ families had no protection, no succour or support.

9 Ferocity (noun)
Aggressive behaviour. (निठुरता)
Synonyms: Barbarity, Savagery, Cruelty, Brutality
Antonyms- Gentleness, Mildness
Example- The sheer ferocity of its will would appear to preclude compromise.

10 Discreetly (adv.)
In a careful and prudent manner, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment. (सावधानी से)
Synonyms: Prudently, Sensibly, Guardedly, Carefully
Antonyms- Partially, Inadequately
Example- Instead any price cuts are likely to be agreed discreetly with customers.

Daily Vocabulary 10 February Daily Vocabulary 10 February