4th April SSC Current Affairs MCQ 4th April SSC Current Affairs MCQ

Q1) Central Government has approved a Capacity Building Commission under ‘Mission Karmayogi’. Who will be the head of this commission?

  1. Ramaswami Balasubramaniam
  2. Praveen Pardeshi
  3. Santosh Kumar
  4. Adil Zainulbhai

Q2) Which laboratory of DRDO has developed a Light Weight Bullet Proof Jacket?

  1. DMSRDE, Kanpur
  2. DIHAR, Leh
  3. ARDE, Pune
  4. VRDE, Ahmednagar

Q3) Who is the author of the book “Suparipalana”?

  1. Sumanta Chaudhury
  2. Aparna Subramani
  3. Shailendra Joshi
  4. Tarun Shridhar

Q4) Central government has announced a public holiday on April 14 this year on account of the birth anniversary of which among the following?

  1. Dr BR Ambedkar
  2. Sushma Swaraj
  3. Arun Jaitely
  4. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Q5) The state government of Maharashtra has declared which area as a biodiversity heritage site, recently?

  1. Matheran
  2. Amboli
  3. Malshej Ghat
  4. Igatpuri

Q6) Mastercard would invest how much amount in the Airtel Africa’s wholly-owned subsidiary Airtel Mobile Commerce BV (AMC BV)?

  1. $100 million
  2. $120 million
  3. $220 million
  4. $150 million

Q7) Who has been conferred the ‘Kalinga Ratna’ award for the year 2021?

  1. Vajubhai Vala
  2. Bhagat Singh Koshyari
  3. Biswa Bhusan Harichandan 
  4. Phagu Chauhan

Q8) Who has been appointed as the chairperson of the Public Enterprises Selection Board?

  1. Mallika Srinivasan
  2.  Shekhar Mital
  3. Naveen Bhandari
  4. Mitaali Sinha

Q9) Where will 2023 men’s boxing World Championships will be held?

  1. Germany
  2. India
  3. Uzbekistan
  4. Bahrain

Q10) The steam engine of the first passenger train that plied between Mumbai and Thane in which year will be installed at Thane railway station?

  1. 1887
  2. 1845
  3. 1870
  4. 1853

Q11) Which Smalll Finance Bank has joined hands with nStore to digitise offline retailers and small businesses in the country?

  1. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
  2. Janalakshmi Small Finance Bank
  3. Equitas Small Finance Bank
  4. A U Small Finance Bank

Q12) Which Nagar Nigam of Uttar Pradesh listed itself at BSE and successfully raised Rupees 150 Crores, recently?

  1. Agra Municipal Corporation
  2. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation
  3. Varanasi Municipal Corporation
  4. Lucknow Municipal Corporation

Q13) The Board of Britannia Industries has appointed whom as the company’s Additional Director?

  1. Urjit Patel
  2. Raghuram Rajan
  3. D. Subbarao
  4. Y. Venugopal Reddy

Q14) Indian Railways has logged the highest ever electrification of sections covering ____ Route Kilometer in a single year during 2020-21?

  1. 3,079 RKM
  2. 4,112 RKM
  3. 5,567 RKM
  4. 6,015 RKM

Q15) Which state has launched a free travel facility for women in government buses within the state?

  1. Haryana
  2. Gujarat
  3. Punjab
  4. Uttar Pradesh

Q16) With the aim of strengthening road infrastructure in the Terai region of Nepal, India has provided grant of how much amount to Nepal?

  1. NRs 600 cr
  2. NRs 800 cr
  3. NRs 500 cr
  4. NRs 900 cr

Q17) Which lake/lakes in Jammu & Kashmir will be declared as protected wetlands?

  1. Dal Lake
  2. Purmandal lake
  3. Sanasar lake
  4. All of the above

Q18) Who is the author of the book “Manohar Parrikar: Brilliant Mind, Simple Life”?

  1. Nitin Gokhale
  2. Shiv Aroor
  3. Rahul Singh
  4. Harbaksh Singh