Q1) PhonePe has partnered with which Bank on the UPI multi-bank model?

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. Bandhan Bank
  3. IndusInd Bank
  4. Axis Bank

Q2) The Reserve Bank of India  has announced to purchase government securities worth ₹________ crore through open market operations (OMOs)?

  1. ₹20,000 crore
  2. ₹10,000 crore
  3. ₹30,000 crore
  4. ₹15,000 crore

Q3) World Epilepsy Day 2021 was observed on which date?

  1. 9 February
  2. 10 February
  3. 8 February
  4. 11 February

Q4) Which social media platform has suspended 500 accounts for policy breach after the Indian government’s request?

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn

Q5) Vijayanagara has officially become the 31st district of which state?

  1. Karnataka
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Odisha
  4. Tamil Nadu

Q6) Who is the author of the book “Platform Scale: For a Post-Pandemic World”?

  1. Stuti Changle
  2. Yash Pawaskar
  3. Kamini Kusum
  4. Sangeet Paul Choudhary

Q7) The Indian Army has laid the foundation stone of 100 feet tall ‘Iconic National Flag’ at which place in Jammu & Kashmir?

  1. Jammu
  2. Gulmarg
  3. Baramulla
  4. Doda

Q8) Arka Shubha, recently seen in news, is a variety of which flower?

  1. Hibiscus
  2. Jasmine
  3. Lotus
  4. Marigold

Q9) Which Life Insurance Company has recently launched the Guaranteed Income for Tomorrow or GIFT product?

  1. Aviva Life Insurance
  2. ICICI Prudential
  3. Bajaj Allianz
  4. Bharti AXA

Q10) Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, seen in news recently, is located in which state?

  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Nagaland
  3. Assam
  4. Sikkim

Q11) What is the theme of the Safer Internet Day 2021?

  1. Together for a better internet
  2. Importance of Internet
  3. Internet in times of Covid
  4. Lets Use Internet Wisely

Q12) Nitin Gadkari has called for all-round efforts to ensure that deaths due to road accidents are reduced by 50 per cent before which year?

  1. 2023
  2. 2026
  3. 2027
  4. 2025

Q13) Which edition of BioAsia will be held from February 22-23, 2021?

  1. 19th
  2. 18th
  3. 15th
  4. 12th

Q14) The office of the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) which was recently inaugurated has  the objective of increasing digital economy contribution to GSDP to what per cent?

  1. 25%
  2. 40%
  3. 15%
  4. 30%

Q15) Who has been appointed as the new chief executive officer (CEO) of the Tata Starbucks?

  1. Prabash Gurnani
  2. Pratham Mehra
  3. Sushant Dash 
  4. Avinash Sen

Q16) Which Airport of India has bagged global recognition from the Airports Council International World’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ award?

  1.  Kempegowda International Airport
  2. Visakhapatnam International Airport
  3. Indira Gandhi International Airport
  4. Cochin International Airport

Q17) George Shultz, who passed away recently, was the former Secretary of State of which country?

  1. Australia
  2. Britain
  3. Canada
  4. USA

Q18) Who was crowned the VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020?

  1. Manika Sheokand
  2. Manasa Varanasi
  3. Manya Singh
  4. Suman Rao

12th February SSC Current Affairs MCQ 12th February SSC Current Affairs MCQ