According to China National Space Administration, a 3-man crew of astronauts will be sent for 3-month mission on new space station of China in June 2021.

The Plans for station’s first crew were confirmed to state after an automated spacecraft was launched with fuel and supplies for Tianhe space station.

Tianhe station

The Tianhe, or Heavenly Harmony is third and largest space station launched by China. Core module of the station was launched on 29th April 2021 into the orbit highlighting increasingly ambitious space program of China.

How crew will be sent to space station?

The Shenzhou 12 capsule will carry the crew. Capsule will be launched from Jiuquan base in northwest China.

Why they will be sent?

The Space Crew will be sent to station to practice spacewalks and conduct repairs, maintenance and conduct scientific operations.

Tianzhou-2 spacecraft

The Tianzhou-2 spacecraft was lift-off from China carrying 6.8 tons of cargo such as space suits, food and equipment for astronauts and fuel for station.

China’s manned missions

In the year 2003, China had sent 11 astronauts which included two women, into space beginning. First female astronaut was Liu Yang in the year 2012.


The Chinese automated cargo spacecraft which was developed by China’s 1st space station Tiangong-1. It is used to resupply modular space station. Spacecraft was launched on Long March 7 rocket from Wenchang in the year 2017. This was the 1st version of spacecraft and has a mass of 12,910 kilogram.

China to send 3 Astronauts to Space Station China to send 3 Astronauts to Space Station