According to Aljazeer Report An investigation conducted by news agency Associated Press (AP) based US based new firm has found that the Communist Government of China has been running a number of in human campaigns to lacerate the birth rates among the minority Muslim population. Specialist have docket this Campaign of Mainland China as ‘Demographic Genocide’ against Muslim population. Muslim minorities population in Mainland China, belong to Uyghurs ethnic groups (Uyghurs Muslim).

China’s Stance on Detention Camps in Xinjiang

According to Government of China. They continues to claim that the camps set up at the Xinjiang (Chinese autonomous region) are for offering voluntary education and training center; however, the authorities of china running these camps have been instructed by the Government of Mainland China to run these camps as high-security prisons with punishments, no escapes, strict disciplines, etc.

Investigation by Associated Press

Associated Press Published a report about china camps. They wrote that in investigation, the Associated Press found that lakhs of ethnic (Muslim) minorities are often locked in these camps for having too many children in Xinjiang. Xinjiang Government forcely checks pregnancy and to take Intrauterine device. The data have shown thousands of women have been forced for abortion in Xinjiang Province.

U.S. Sanctions on Chinese Officials

Washington based reports of continuous human rights violations on the Uyghurs Muslim population by the Government of China, the US has imposed visa restrictions on some Chinese officials accused of involvement in abuse of human rights in china. The United States passed Bill by its Congress (Lower & Upper House)and signed by United States President Donald Trump on June 17 2020 Bill name was the ‘Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act’.

China Campaign to Slash Birth rates China Campaign to Slash Birth rates