the People’s Republic of China announced that they connected its first indigenously developed third generation nuclear power reactor “Hualong one” to its national grid. The Hualong One nuclear power reactor is first of its kind. These nuclear power reactor are a part of China’s “Made in China 2025” plan

CNNC is China National Nuclear Corporation.

Hualong One or HPR1000

According to the CNNC, Unit 5 of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant located in Fujian province was connected to the grid for the first time.  Unit 5 is the first nuclear power reactor in the world to adopt Hualong One technology. It can generate 10 billion kw hour electricity per year. This will help China cut its carbon emission by 8.16 million tonnes.

China develop third generation nuclear power reactor

Hualong-1 is one of the world’s most advanced china’s nuclear power reactor. The chinese technology of HPR1000 has more than 700 patents and 120 software updates. The lifespan of the HPR1000 one nuclear reactor is 6 decades. It is made up of 177 reactor cores. These cores will be replaced every 18 months.

The construction of HPR1000 began in 2015 with more than 10 thousand technicians working on it. Till now there are six units under construction in China and other parts of the world based on the Hualong-1 technology.

Nuclear Power consumption in China

As of 2019, nuclear energy accounted to only less than 5 per cent of annual electricity of China. This is expected to grow as China is trying to become carbon neutral by the year 2060. Currently China has 47 nuclear power plants. They together generate 48.75 million kw of power. With this, China has the third highest nuclear power country in the world after the United States of America and France.

Top 15 Nuclear Generating Countries

South Korea127,077
United Kingdom59,112
Czech Republic28,256
China develop third generation nuclear power reactor

Other nuclear projects of China in Pakistan

Chinese government is also constructing 2 other demonstration Hualong-1 units in Guangxi Autonomous Region in southern China (bordering Vietnam). These units are to begin their operation in 2020. CNNC has also begun the construction of 2 other Hualong units at Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Plant (Net Capacity is 1126 MW and Gross Capacity is 1212 MW).

China has planned 5 Hualong-1 Nuclear reactors for Pakistan. 4 are planned at Karachi Nuclear Power plant (KANUPP) and one at Chashma Nuclear Power plant (CHASNUPP). Of these, two units are under construction since 2015. The construction began in 2015 and the units are to enter into commercial operation by the year 2021 and 2022. China develop third generation nuclear power reactor China develop third generation nuclear power reactor

Nuclear reactors under construction

UnitsProvinceMWe grossReactor modelProject controlConstruction start
Shandong ShidaowanShandong211HTR-PMHuaneng12/2012
units 5&6
Liaoning2×1119ACPR1000CGN, with SPIC3/2015, 7/2015
Shidaowan 1&2Shandong2×1500CAP1400SPIC & Huaneng06/2019, 04/2020*
unit 6
Fujian1150Hualong OneCNNC & Huadian12/2015
units 3&4
Guangxi2×1180Hualong OneCGN12/2015, 12/2016
unit 6
Jiangsu1118ACPR1000CNNC12/2015, 9/2016
unit 1
Zhangzhou 1&2Fujian2×1212Hualong OneGuodian & CNNC10/2019, 09/2020
Huizhou Taipingling 1Guangdong1200Hualong OneCGN12/2019
Huizhou Taipingling 2Guangdong1202Hualong OneCGN10/2020
Total: 14 15,503 MWe