According to reports China has deployed underwater drones called Sea Wing Glider in the Indian Ocean. The Glider Drone is used for Naval surveillance. It can operate for months under the sea.

Sea Wing Glider Drone

It is a type of an uncrewed underwater vehicle and it was launched in December 2019.

Other places where China has deployed Glider Drone

Apart from Indian ocean People’s Liberation Army Navy has also operate the Sea Wing Glider Drone in Arctic Ocean. Also, these drones are deployed in South China Sea, East China Sea and other waters of the Western Pacific.

China’s stand in use of Glider Drone

According to the Chinese Communist Party, Sea Wing Glider Drones have been deployed for research & development purposes.

Intentions of Chinese with Glider Drones

According to Defence ministry, around 14 Sea Wing Glider Drones have been deployed in the Indian Ocean. Our only 12 are being used. They have been employed for long range missions.

With the help of Sea Wing Glider Drone the People’s Liberation Army Navy are gathering oceanography data in the Indian Ocean. It gathers information such as salinity, seawater temperature, turbidity, oxygen content, chlorophyll and ocean current changes.

Concerns of GoI in regard to the Glider Drones

China’s Glider Drones are capable of carrying acoustic sensors such as acoustic Doppler current profile sensor, hydrophones and underwater acoustic communication devices. According to the Indian Government, the Chinese might use these drones to listen to Indian Naval communication and might track Indian Naval ships in the Indian Ocean.

China has been increasing its presence in International waters in the name of research & development. According to India, with this the Chinese are trying to disturb the sovereignty of international waters. This is against the UNCLOS.

China deployed Sea Wing Underwater Drones in Indian Ocean