According to report, BlackRock Malware steals users data from android mobile such as credit card details,Amazon, Gmail, Uber, Netflix and password from 337 android applications.

New BlackRock malware was discovered by a Threatfabric Amsterdam based mobile security firm. The BlackRock is being share out as a fake Google update packages offered on third party servers.

The malware operate intrusive tasks such as Perform SMS floods, start specific apps, show custom push notifications, sabotage mobile antivirus applications.

About the BlackRock

The BlackRock is based on the leaked source code of another malware Xerxes. Again, XerXeS is an extremely efficient DoS tool, developed by the Anonymous hacker.

Working of the malware

The Malware asks for credit card/debit card details and login credentials before the user enters the android app.

BlackRock Malware steals credit card details