The Archipelago in Asia Pacific ocean without inhabitants located at the South China Sea has been a point of disagreement between China and Japan since 1972. The island is known by the name Senkakus belongs to Japan, while in the People’s Republic of China the Islands are known by the name Diaoyu. They are located east of Mainland China, northeast of Taiwan, west of Okinawa Island, and north of the southwestern end of the Ryukyu Islands.

The Archipelago is at present administered by the administrative authority of Ishigaki city of Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture. The Archipelago are located in the southern part of Japan, the entire area under which the Senkaku Islands are located is known by the name Tonoshiro in Japan.

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Present Day

The Day June 22nd 2020, the assembly of Ishigaki city in Japan passed the bill under which from 1st October 2020. the Tonoshiro area will be renamed as Tonoshiro Senkaku.

Archipelago History

The Archipelago was controlled by the Ryukyu Kingdom of China as per records available. But during the First Sino-Japanese War the Islands were annexed by the Japanese Central Government.

As Japan surrender at the end of Second World War, the Archipelago came under the power of the United States of America Government. 26 years later in 1971, the United States of America Senate passed the Okinawa Reversion Treaty 1971 to return the Archipelago (group of islands) back to Japan. Japan took over the control of the Archipelago since 1972. Since then China began to declare its ownership over the islands based on the fact that the Archipelago were discovered during the 14th century by the Chinese Ryukyu Kingdom (1429 to 1879).

Bill to Rename Japan islands Bill to Rename Japan islands