American Boeing and Royal Australian Air Force have announced on 2nd March 2021 that they completed the first flight test on a pilotless fighter jet which was designed to operate in concurrence the with crewed aircraft.

Loyal Wingman” is the first military aircraft that has been designed and manufactured in more than 5 decades in Australia. Loyal Wingman aircraft make its flight under the supervision of Boeing test pilot who was monitoring it from the ground control station located in South Australia. In the development of the aircraft, the Australian government invested A$ 40 million. The Loyal Wingman aircraft has also attracted interest from USA and UK.

About Loyal Wingman Aircraft

The 38 feet long Loyal Wingman Aircraft has a range of 2,000 nautical mile or 3,704 kilometer range. The nose of the aircraft can be removed to fit various payloads and weapons. The nose can also act like a shield to protect several expensive manned fighter jets. This project is a pathfinder to integrate the autonomous systems and artificial intelligence in order to create smart human-machine teams. The first Loyal Wingman is being used as the foundation for Airpower Teaming System of Boeing. It is a service which is being developed for several global defence customers.

Flight test

Loyal Wingman took off using its own power, during the flight test, before it flew to a predetermined route at different speeds and altitudes. The Loyal Wingman Aircraft was tested at different speeds and altitudes in order to verify the functionality of the aircraft and to demonstrate performance of its design.

About Royal Australian Air Force

The Royal Australian Air Force was established in March by 1921. It is the aerial warfare branch of Australian Defence Force. This branch of Australian Defence Force operates several fixed wing aircraft of Australian Defence Force. It also provides support to the spectrum of operations including air superiority, intelligence, surveillance, precision strikes, reconnaissance, space surveillance, air mobility and humanitarian support.

Australian Airforce & Boeing Test of Pilotless Fighter Jet Australian Airforce & Boeing Test of Pilotless Fighter Jet