Northeastern state Assam won 4 awards in fisheries sector from the NFDB. National Fisheries Development Board operating under the Government of India’s Ministry of Fisheries.

What are the Four awards won by Assam?

The State received the best state award under the category of best hilly and North Eastern State in Fisheries. Also, the Assam Apex Cooperative Fish Marketing and Processing Federation Limited won the first place in the category of hilly and North Eastern Government Organization (NEGO). Assam’s Nagaon district was selected the best hilly and North Eastern district category. Amal Medhi, a farmer from Nalbari district of Assam won first place under the category of hilly and North Eastern fish farmer category.

Other fisheries awards received

The following were the other awards received

  • Odisha bagged the best state in marine state category
  • Uttar Pradesh state won the best state award in Inland State category

All the awards carry Rupees 100,00,00 prize money, a shawl, a certificate and a momento.

Importance of Fisheries Awards

Fisheries Awards are a great boost to fisheries sector, especially during the coronavirus. In 2019, India exported Rupees 47,000 crores of fisheries. India is the 2nd largest producer of fish in the world. Therefore, fisheries has a high contribution to the Indian Economy. It is thus, important to focus on fisheries to boost declining economic growth due to pandemic.

Future goals of India in fisheries sector

Government of India has plans to increase its fisheries exports by 50 per cent in coming 5 years. In value, it aims to achieve Rupees 1 lakh crore of exports in coming 5 years.

Current status of fisheries sector in India

According to 2018-2019 data, India produces 13,7 million (13.7 crore) tonnes of fish every year. Of this, the inland fisheries constitutes 65 per cent of the total fish production.

Major fishing harbour in India

There are twenty three minor and 5 major fishing harbours in the country. The five major harbours are Chennai, Mangalore, Vishakhapatnam, Kochi and Kolkata. Assam wins best state award in fisheries sector by NFDB Assam wins best state award in fisheries sector by NFDB