Former Foreign Secretary and Indian Ambassador to China Vijay Gokhale, Released a new book titled with ‘Tiananmen Square: The Making of a Protest’. The 176 pages book published by HarperCollins Publishers India.

About the book

Vijay Gokhale wrote in this book ‘I recall being woken by the sound of tanks moving down the Avenue of Eternal Peace. It was 5 o’clock on the morning of 4th of June. Tanks, Armoured personnel carrier and troop trucks were sweeping down the avenue. Citizens ran for cover. Helicopters hovered above. Foreign media claimed that Chinese troops had fired into the crowds with several hundred casualties.’

More than 30 years later, the Tiananmen Square incident refuses to be forgotten. The events that occurred in the summer of 1989 would not only set the course for China’s politics but would also re-define its relationship with the world. China’s message was clear: it remained committed to market-oriented reform, but it would not tolerate any challenge to the supremacy of the Chinese Communist Party. In return for economic prosperity, the Chinese have surrendered some rights to the state. A democratic future seems far away.

A book Tiananmen Square authored by Vijay Gokhale A book Tiananmen Square authored by Vijay Gokhale