8 March is observed as a International Women’s Day across the world. The day is observed every year in order to help in shaping a gender equal world.

Theme for 2021 International Women’s Day– “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”  which was decided by UN Women.


The International Women’s Day is observed in order to celebrate the achievements of women. The day also highlights the increasing visibility of women in every sphere of life. It celebrates the political, cultural, economic and social achievements of women. The day also marks the extraordinary roles played by women in every walk of life besides celebrating the acts of courage and determination of the ordinary women.


The celebration of the day is a focal point in movement of rights of the women. The first ever women’s day was celebrated on 28th February 1908 by the Socialist Party of America. Following this, the German delegates including Kate Duncker, Clara Zetkin and Paula Thiede proposed for the organise a special Women’s day at the International Socialist Women’s Conference of 1910. In 1917, the women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia following which March 8 became a national holiday in Soviet Russia. United Nations started celebrating it in 1977.


The Day is celebrated by observing a public holiday in some nations while it is also a day of protest in some nations. In India, Central government have dedicated several schemes and policies that mark the glory of women. Indian government has accorded high priority on the empowerment of women and started several initiatives such as access to education, improved gender sensitivity and better healthcare.

8 March International Women Day 8 March International Women Day