4 December celebrate as a Indian Navy Day every year.

Theme for 2020 Indian Navy Day : Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible and Cohesive.

The theme sends message that India is keenly watching the moves of the Chinese in the Indian Ocean and the Indian Navy is combat ready to encounter the Chinese forces anytime in Indian Ocean Region. The message includes Pakistani forces as well.

Annually the Day is celebrated to commemorate Operation Trident. The operation was launched by the Indian Navy during the India-Pakistan war 1971 to attack Karachi Harbour.

Operation Trident (1971)

The Operation was launched in the night of 4 December. During the attack Indian Navy ravaged the fuel Storage tankers at Pakistan Naval headquarters located in Karachi (Pakistani province of Sindh). The Indian Navy also sinked 4 of the Pakistani boats and killed 500 Pakistani Naval personal. This included minesweepers and destroy us as well.

For the first time India deployed and anti-ship missile during the 1971 India Pakistan war. The operation Trident was followed by operation Python.

Operation python (1971)

After the first attack during operation Trident (4 Dec 1971), the Pakistan Navy attempted to outsmart the Indian Navy by mingling with merchant ships. The operation Python was launched on 9 December 1971 to counter this move of the Pakistan Navy.

History of the day

Earlier during the British Indian Government, Indian Navy Day was celebrated in the month of October coinciding with the Royal Navy’s Trafalgar Day. The Trafalgar Day falls on 21 October.

Indian Navy

The President of India is the supreme commander and A four-star admiral is appointed as the Chief of Indian Navy and he commands of the Indian Navy. The Indian Navy was founded in 1612 in order to protect the British merchant ships.

Why the Operation Trident was launched?

In the evening of 3rd December 1971, Pakistan attacked Indian Air bases. In response to the attack the Indian Defence Force launched Operation Trident. Three high speed missile boats namely Nirghat, Nipat, Veer were dispatched towards the Karachi port. 4 December Indian Navy Day 4 December Indian Navy Day

List of Indian Navy Ships

Aircraft carriers

  • INS Vikrant
  • INS Viraat (Centaur class)
  • INS Vikramaditya (Kiev class)


  • INS Rajput (R class)
  •  INS Ranjit (R class)
  • INS Rana  (R class)
  • INS Godavari (Hunt class)
  • INS Gomati (Hunt class)
  • INS Ganga (Hunt class)

Frigates and cruisers

  • HMIS Kukri
  • HMIS Bengal
  • HMIS Hooghly
  • HMIS Tir
  • INS Khukri (Blackwood class)
  • INS Kirpan (Blackwood class)
  • INS Kuthar (Blackwood class)
  • INS Brahmaputra (Leopard class)
  • INS Beas (Leopard class)
  • INS Betwa (Leopard class)
  • INS Nilgiri (Nilgiri class )
  • INS Himgiri (Nilgiri class )
  • INS Udaygiri (Nilgiri class )
  • INS Dunagiri (Nilgiri class )
  • INS Vindhyagiri (Nilgiri class )
  • INS Taragiri (Nilgiri class )
  • INS Krishna (Leander class)
  • INS Godavari (Godavari class)
  • INS Ganga (Godavari class)
  • INS Delhi (cruisers )
  • INS Mysore (cruisers )
  • INS Shivalik (Shivalik class)
  • INS Satpura (Shivalik class)
  • INS Sahyadri (Shivalik class)
  • INS Talwar (Talwar class)
  • INS Trishul (Talwar class)
  • INS Tabar (Talwar class)
  • INS Teg (Talwar class)
  • INS Tarkash (Talwar class)
  • INS Trikand (Talwar class)


  • HMIS Punjab (Bathurst class)
  • HMIS Bombay (Bathurst class)
  • HMIS Bengal (Bathurst class)
  • HMIS Madras (Bathurst class)
  • INS Arnala (Arnala class)
  • INS Andorth (Arnala class)
  • INS Andadip (Arnala class)
  • INS Andaman (Arnala class)
  • INS Amini (Arnala class)
  • INS Kamorta (Arnala class)
  • INS Kadmatt (Arnala class)
  • INS Kiltan (Arnala class)
  • INS Katchall (Arnala class)
  • INS Amindivi (Arnala class)
  • INS Dosdurg (Durg class)
  • INS Vijaydurg (Durg class)
  • INS Sindhudurg (Durg class)
  • INS Prahar (Veer class)
  • INS Veer (Veer class)
  • INS Nipat (Veer class)
  • INS Kamorta (Kamorta class)
  • INS Kadmatt (Kamorta class)
  • INS Kiltan (Kamorta class)
  • INS Kora (Kora class)
  • INS Kirch (Kora class)
  • INS Kulish (Kora class)
  • INS Karmuk (Kora class)
  • INS Khukri (Khukri class)
  • INS Kuthar (Khukri class)
  • INS Kirpan (Khukri class)
  • INS Khanjar (Khukri class)
  • INS Abhay (Abhay class)
  • INS Ajay (Abhay class)
  • INS Akshay (Abhay class)
  • INS Nishank (Veer class)
  • INS Vibhuti (Veer class)
  • INS Vipul (Veer class)
  • INS Vinash (Veer class)
  • INS Vidyut (Veer class)
  • INS Nashak (Veer class)
  • INS Prabal (Veer class)
  • INS Pralaya (Veer class)


  • INS Porbandar (Pondicherry class)
  • INS Bedi (Pondicherry class)
  • INS Bhavnagar (Pondicherry class)
  • INS Ratnagiri (Pondicherry class)
  • INS Cuddalore (Pondicherry class)
  • INS Konkan (Pondicherry class)
  • INS Cuddalore (Ton class)
  • INS Cannanore (Ton class)
  • INS Karwar (Ton class)
  • INS Kakinada (Ton class)
  • INS Mulki (Mahé class)
  • INS Magdala (Mahé class)
  • INS Malvan (Mahé class)
  • INS Mahé  (Mahé class)
  • INS Bassein (Ham class)
  • INS Bimlipatan (Ham class)

Fast attack ships

  • INS Veer (Vidyut class)
  • INS Nirbhik (Vidyut class)
  • INS Nipat (Vidyut class)
  • INS Nirghat (Vidyut class)
  • INS Vinash (Vidyut class)
  • INS Pratap (Chamak class)
  • INS Charag (Chamak class)
  • INS Prachand (Chamak class)
  • INS Prabal (Chamak class)
  • INS Chatak  (Chamak class)

Amphibious warfare ships

  • INS Jalashwa (Austin class)
  • INS Shardul (Shardul class) – landing ships 
  • INS Kesari (Shardul class) – landing ships 
  • INS Airavat (Shardul class) – landing ships 
  • INS Magar (Magar class) – landing ships 
  • INS Gharial (Magar class) – landing ships 
  • INS Cheetah (Kumbhir class) – landing ships 
  • INS Guldar (Kumbhir class) – landing ships 
  • INS Kumbhir (Kumbhir class) – landing ships 

Patrol vessels

  • INS Car Nicobar (Car Nicobar class )
  • INS Chetlat (Car Nicobar class )
  • INS Kora Dovh (Car Nicobar class )
  • INS Koswari (Car Nicobar class )
  • INS Bangaram (Bangaram class)
  • INS Bitra (Bangaram class)
  • INS Batti Malv (Bangaram class)
  • INS Trinkat (Trinkat class)
  • INS Saryu (Saryu class) -offshore patrol vessels
  • INS Sunayna (Saryu class) -offshore patrol vessels
  • INS Sumedha (Saryu class) -offshore patrol vessels
  • INS Sumitra (Saryu class) -offshore patrol vessels
  • INS Sukanya (Sukanya classes)
  • INS Subhadra (Sukanya classes)
  • INS Suvarna (Sukanya classes)
  • INS Savitri (Sukanya classes)
  • INS Sharada (Sukanya classes)
  • INS Sujata (Sukanya classes)

Submarine fleet

  • INS Arihant (Arihant class) -nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine
  • INS Chakra  (Chakra class) -nuclear-powered attack submarine
  • INS Kalvari (Kalvari class) -Conventionally-powered submarines
  • INS Sindhughosh (Sindhughosh class) -Conventionally-powered submarines
  • INS Sindhudhvaj (Sindhughosh class) -Conventionally-powered submarines
  • INS Sindhuraj (Sindhughosh class) -Conventionally-powered submarines
  • INS Shishumar (Shishumar class) -Conventionally-powered submarines
  • INS Shankush (Shishumar class) -Conventionally-powered submarines
  • INS Shalki (Shishumar class) -Conventionally-powered submarines
  • INS Shankul (Shishumar class) -Conventionally-powered submarines