United Nations Declared a International Asteroid Day on 30th June every year. The Day declared on historical event and denotes to research in wider space take up public awareness about the asteroid impact hazard. Several events organised in the world to teach people about asteroids.

History International Asteroid Day

71st session of United Nations General Assembly, adopted resolution A/RES/71/90 which it approved on December 6, 2016. International Asteroid Day was co-founded by Scientist Stephen Hawking. On 30th June 2017 International Asteroid Day minor planet 248750 was officially named International Asteroid day by the International Astronomical Union. Discovered by M. Dawson.

About Asteroids?

Asteroids are the small tiny rocky body that orbits around the sun and earth. Mostly, they are found between two Planets earth next planet Mars and Jupiter. The size of small tiny rocky Asteroids across 600 miles.

30 June International Asteroid Day 30 June International Asteroid Day