22 Sep observed as a World Rhino Day yearly World Wide Fund for Nature The day is celebrated to create awareness about the threats faced by five rhinoceros species living in Asia and African continent. World Rhino Day also celebrates these 5 rhinoceros species.

Year 2010 was the beginning of the celebration of world rhino day by World Wildlife Fund South Africa . 22 September being celebrated since then.

Theme of World Rhino Day 2020 : Five Rhino Species Forever

 IUCN status of the 5 rhinoceros species

  • Javan rhinos: critically endangered
  • Sumatran rhinos: critically endangered
  • Black rhinos: critically endangered
  • White rhinos: near threatened
  • Greater one horned rhinos: vulnerable

 World Rhino Day in India

Prakash javadekar Minister of Environment presided over a meeting on the sidelines of celebration of world rhino day nationwide. According to javadekar, India is home to the largest number of Greater one horned rhinoceros globally. There are around 3 thousand one horned rhinoceros in India. They are spread in the states of Assam, WB and UP. India has launched National Conservation strategy (NCS) for Indian one horned Rhino.

National rhino conservation strategy

National rhino conservation strategy includes both India & Nepal in the conservation of Greater one horned rhinoceros. The current population of one horned Rhinos globally is 3584. 2938 only present in India and 646 in Nepal.

According to the strategy the single population of rhinos in Bihar’s Valmiki Tiger Reserve, Nepal’s Shuklaphanta and Nepal’s Chitwan National Park and Uttar Pradesh’s Dudhwa is separated by political boundary between India & Nepal. Therefore, it calls to manage the populations in the India & Nepal under the same protocol. The entire strategy has been built based upon this concept.

 Rhino vision of India  2020

In 2005,  Rhino vision was launched with the vision to attain wild population of greater one horned rhinos to at least 3000 in Assam by 2020. 22 September World Rhino Day 22 September World Rhino Day