On March 22, 2021, The state of Bihar is celebrating its 109th foundation day. The day is known as the “Bihar Day”. The foundation day is regarded as a public holiday across the state.

About Bihar Day

It is observed on 22nd March every year. The day marks the formation of state of Bihar. On this day, the state was carved out of the Bengal by the British government in 1912. The Bihar Day was started being celebrated in the tenure of Nitish Kumar. Now it is celebrated on a large scale by Bihar Government. The day is also celebrated in the countries like Britain, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE Trinidad & Tobago and in Mauritius.


The state is located in eastern India is called as the third-largest state by population across India. It is also the 12th-largest state by territory. The state is having an area of 94,163 km2. It is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh in the west, Nepal in the north, northern part of West Bengal in the east and Jharkhand in the south. The plain is split by river Ganges flows from west to east. The 3-main cultural regions of the state include Mithila, Magadh, and Bhojpur. The southern part of the state was carved out to form Jharkhand on 15th November 2000. Official languages of the state are Hindi and Urdu.

History of Bihar

In ancient and classical India, the area of Bihar was considered as the centre of power, learning, and culture. The first empire of India called “Maurya Empire” was emerged from Magadha. Also, Bihar is considered as the origin of most widely adhered-to religions of the word called Buddhism.