20 March observed as International Day of Happiness every year. The day is celebrated across the world to mark the importance of happiness in the lives of people.

Theme for 2021 International Day of Happiness “Happiness for All, Forever” which signifies the importance of happiness.

The International Day of Happiness recognises the happiness as a most important need of the human’s life. It is linked to the overall well-being of humans. The day is observed with the aim of establishing the important role that happiness must play while setting the public policy objectives. With the observance of this day, happiness is intrinsically related to the equitable economic growth which in turn lead to the sustainable development and overall well-being for the people.


The day was started being observed by the United Nations in 2013. The observance of the day was started following several years of campaigning by the UN adviser Jayme Illien who grew up in a Mother Teresa’s orphanages in Kolkata. He get the inspiration to end the global inequality through his years in orphanage and other life experiences. The resolution to observe the day was passed on 12th July 2012. This resolution to mark the day was first initiated by Bhutan. The country had emphasised the importance of “National Happiness” over “National Income” since the 1970s. Bhutan had also adopted thereby adopting the “Gross National Happiness” over the “Gross National Product”.

Gross National Happiness

Gross National Happiness or Gross Domestic Happiness is a philosophy which guides the government of Bhutan. It comprises of an index that is used to measure the collective happiness and well-being of the population. The Gross National Happiness Index is instituted as the goal in the constitution of Bhutan which enacted in July 2008.

20 March International Day of Happiness