Every year 16 October observed as a World Food Day. In 2020 World Food Day is highlighting the significance of food and agriculture in pandemic response.

Theme for 2020 World Food Day are: “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together” .


World Food Day is observed to mark the foundation of Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. On 15 October 1945, Food and Agriculture Organisation was established. first time In 1979, World Food Day was observed as a day for action against hunger.

Origin of the day

In November 1979, World Food Day was established by FAO’s Member Countries at the 20th General Conference of Food and Agriculture Organisation. Former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr. Pal Romany had played an active role at the 20th Session of the Food and Agriculture Organisation Conference. World Food Day since then is being observed annually in more than 150 countries to raise awareness on poverty and hunger.


  • World Food Day emphasise on the need for global solidarity in order to help all populations to recover from the crisis.
  • The day also focus to make food systems more resilient and robust to all people and specially to the vulnerable section.
  • World Food Day also highlights the importance of creating a food system that can withstand with the increasing volatility and climate shocks.
  • The day seeks to create a food system that can deliver affordable and sustainable healthy diets for all and thus provide a decent livelihoods for food system workers.

How people can contribute?

Food and Agriculture Organisation have urged people to celebrate the people who produce, plant, harvest, fish or transport our food. Food and Agriculture Organisation also called people to thank these #FoodHeroes. These food heroes continue to provide food to their communities, help to grow, nourish and sustain our world in any circumstances.

16 October World Food Day