Recently Report of 15th Finance Commission was tabled in the Parliament of India. The Report included recommendations for different sectors – Health, Defence and Internal Security and Disaster Risk Management, etc.


  • Health spending by State Governments should be increased to more than 8 per cent of their budget by 2022.
    • Given the inter-State disparity in the availability of medical doctors, it is essential to constitute an All India Medical and Health Service as is envisaged under Section 2A of the All-India Services Act of 1951.
    • 15th Finance Commission also allocated funds for overhauling of medical services at all the levels and training of the allied healthcare workforce.

Defence and Internal Security

  • The Central Government may constitute in the Public Account of India, a dedicated non-lapsable fund, Modernisation Fund for Defence and Internal Security.

Disaster Risk Management

  • Formation of Mitigation Funds at both the national and State levels, in line with the provisions of the Disaster Management Act of 2005.
    • The Fund should be used for those local level and community-based interventions which reduce risks and promote environment-friendly settlements and livelihood practices.

Funding Priority Areas: 15th Finance Commission has also earmarked allocations for certain priority areas, such as :

  • Funds for the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) for expansion and modernisation of fire services and resettlement of displaced people affected by erosion.
  • Funds for National Disaster Mitigation Fund for catalytic assistance to twelve most drought-prone states, managing seismic and landslide risks in ten hill States, reducing the risk of urban flooding in seven most populous cities and mitigation measures to prevent erosion.

15th Finance Commission Recommendations for Different Sectors 15th Finance Commission Recommendations for Different Sectors