15 March observed as a World Consumer Rights Day across the world every year to spread awareness about the rights of consumers and their needs.

On 15 March 1962, US President John F Kennedy sent a special message was to the US Congress and so the day was inspired by him. In the message he formally addressed the issue of consumer rights. To do so, he was the first leader.

The history behind the Day is that the first consumer movement was observed in the year 1983 and since then every year it is observed to mobilize an action on important issues and campaigns.

Theme for 2021 World Consumer Rights Day is ‘Tackling Plastic Pollution’. It will raise awareness and engage consumers globally to adopt and promote more sustainable practices. In 2020 theme was ‘The Sustainable Consumer’. In 2021 the campaign will also focus on the central role that consumer advocates governments and businesses can play in tackling the global plastic pollution crisis.

Who is a consumer and types?

The Consumer is one who purchase the product for his or her own need and consumes it. He or she can not resell the product or service but consumer it to earn his or her livelihood and self-employment.

Types of consumer

The Commercial Consumer, Discretionary Spending Consumers, Extroverted Consumer and Inferior Goods Consumer.

15 March World Consumer Rights Day