On 1 December India is observe 56th BSF raising day. On the occassion of the day, Home Minister of India Amit Shah will saluted the Jawans of Border Security Force for their service and dedication.

BSF is Border Security Force

Border Security Force

Border Security Force is the Primary border guarding organisation of the India on its border with Bangladesh and Pakistan. This guarding force was established on 1 December 1965 in the light of 1965 war. Border Security Force was raised in order to ensure the security of the borders of India. The Headquarter of BSF is located in New Delhi.

Function of Border Security Force

  • BSF is a border guarding force that guards the land border of India with Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  • BSF guards the border during the peacetime and prevents the transnational crime.
  • Border Security Force operates under the parent head of Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • The officers in BSF are taken from IPS at command and leadership levels.
  • Director-General is the head of Border Security Force and it has always been an officer from the IPS.
  • Border Security Force is currently the world’s largest border guarding force.
  • It acts as the First Line of Defense of Indian Territories.


After India’s independence on 1947, the responsibility to protect India’s international boundaries was vested with the local police of each border state with support from the Central Reserve Police Force.  But, the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War had exposed the inadequacy of the State Armed Police to fight against the armed aggression. In that light, central government created the BSF as a unified central agency to guard the international borders. 1 December 56th BSF Raising Day