A German agrochemicals major Bayer has commercially launched first-ever yellow watermelon variety called “Yellow Gold 48” in India under Seminis brand.

Yellow Watermelon

  • It has been developed from superior germplasm under Bayer’s global research and development efforts.
  • It’s variety has been commercially introduced in India after two years of local trials.
  • They have enhanced yield potential, better disease & pest tolerance and higher returns which can benefit watermelon growers.
  • They variety is best suited for cultivation during October to February. Harvest can be done from April onwards after which it will be available in market until mid-July.


The Yellow Gold 48 is having high yield and income potential which will empower watermelon growers to diversify into new categories. It will also help in growing demand for exotic fruits.  It is the first of its kind yellow flesh watermelon which have moderate to good plant type. It has dark green rind with slight stripes and orange yellow flesh colour. Average weight of the fruit is 2.5 -3 kilogram.

Yellow Gold 48 Watermelon commercially introduced Yellow Gold 48 Watermelon commercially introduced