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Beijing perceives the current global economic chaos caused by the corona virus pandemic as an opportunity to restore trade linkages and rebuild international influence.
China wants to dominate the world in advance technologies like Quantum Computing, Artificial intelligence and Space by 2025 with its “Made in China Policy”.
Xi’s push for global dominance will face global resistance. Xi Jinping Chinese Dream President to make China no 1

Xi Jinping Chinese Dream President to make China no 1

Concerns shown by America and Europe

America and Europe have shown serious concerns regarding china’s strategic and economic aggression across the world. Few important concerns are mentioned below.

  • China’s hunger for the land
  • China a Threat to liberal democratic order
  • No respect for human rights
  • Trade malpractices of china
  • Ever increasing military budget of china

Land hunger of China

China has been trying to grab the land in its neighbourhood through its Coercive Diplomacy against its small neighbouring countries.
China grabs the offshore lands and ports of developing countries through Debt Trap Diplomacy.

Threat to Liberal Democratic Order

China encourages authoritarian regimes elsewhere by demonstrating that advanced modernisation can be combined with authoritarian ruling.
At the same time Western liberal order is facing backlash and a crisis of legitimacy as citizens increasingly.

The super efficiency of the Chinese state in executing big ticket projects and its ability to take swift decisions persuaded leaders of Turkey, Poland to Hungary, to praise China’s “authoritarian capitalism”.

Human Rights Violator

the People’s Republic of China poses an “existential threat” to the international human rights system.

China’s approach in dealing with Corona Outbreak, suppressing voices of freedom in Hong Kong and indiscriminant killing of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province drawn attentions of human right groups.

Trade Malpractices of China

Condition of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights is very poor in China. Intellectual property rights holders face not only a complex and uncertain enforcement environment, but also pressure to transfer intellectual property rights to enterprises in the People’s Republic of China through a number of government of china policies and practices.

China flouts international trade laws of WTO by providing subsidies in high tech manufacturing sector and imposing import ban on foreign goods.

Ever Increasing Military Budget of China

In terms of investment in defence sector China stands second only to USA in the world. China is increasing its military presence in every corner of the world from South China Sea to Indian Ocean.

China with its heavy investment in missile technology, have achieved the capability to reach any of the NATO allied country. Which is cause of concern for both USA and EUROPE.

Europe’s Reply

Developed economies of Europe have started to cautiously track the economic aggression of china during Covid-19 pandemic.
Germany toughened rules for non-EU share purchases or acquisitions of companies that are part of its critical infrastructure, amid growing disquiet about takeovers by Chinese firms.

UK has decided to reconsider role of Chinese telecom giant Huwaei in its ambitious 5G network project
NATO and Rising Power of China
In his plan for next ten years, NATO is envisaging more global partners in Asia Pacific to counter the rising power of China. Xi Jinping Chinese Dream President to make China no 1