The USA President Joe Biden and British PM Boris Johnson held meeting recently in Cornwall and inspected documents related to Atlantic Charter and signed a document titled “New Atlantic Charter”.

New Atlantic Charter

This agreement was signed on 10th June 2021 at 2021 G7 summit in England between UK PM Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden. It is a new version of the Atlantic Charter of 1941. The New Atlantic Charter Agreement was signed to redefine Western alliance.

Objectives of the Agreement

The New Atlantic Charter was signed with the objective of defending principles & institutions of democracy and strengthening & adapting the institutions. Charter seeks to remain united behind principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity & peaceful resolution of disputes. It will also try to maintain collective security & international stability even against cyber threats. It prioritises climate change across all international action.

About Atlantic Charter

The Atlantic Charter is a declaration signed in August 1941 (after the end of second world war) by British PM Winston Churchill and USA President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Charter sets out common goals like free trade, disarmament & right to self-determination of all people. It is often called as a cornerstone of trans-Atlantic special relationship. This charter led to dismantling of British Empire and formation of NATO & GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade).

New Atlantic Charter under G7 New Atlantic Charter under G7